Jane Kennard PhD, CPC is a Canadian born anxiety coach whose desire is to help women become anxiety free. Her purpose is to support women struggling with anxiety, overwhelm and worry learn how to live anxiety free. Find out more about her “Blueprint for Anxiety Immunity” Program and sign up for a free consultation at janekcoaching.com.

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3 weeks ago

How to Deal with “Relocation” Anxiety

Are you considering relocating or are you in the process of relocating to downsize or be near family or let go of a house that has become unmanageable? Perhaps, due to health challenges, you are moving to an assisted living facility…

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2 months ago

Ready to Become Anxiety Free?

If daily skirmishes with anxiety leave you frustrated and worn out, you are certainly not alone. I was a worrier for many years. Back then I thought anxiety was just the way things were. If you’re alive… you worry. My mother worried and so I worried…

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