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Jane Kennard PhD, CPC is a Canadian born anxiety coach whose desire is to help women become anxiety free. Her purpose is to support women struggling with anxiety, overwhelm and worry learn how to live anxiety free. Find out more about her “Blueprint for Anxiety Immunity” Program and sign up for a free consultation at

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3 days ago

The Way to Stop Anxiety (It’s Not What You Think!)

According to Forbes Health contributor Jessica Booth, “Every year, millions of Americans struggle with symptoms of anxiety and anxiety disorders… [It is] the most common mental illness in the U.S.” Booth goes on to say that anxiety “can feel isolating…

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2 months ago

Is It Possible to Stop Anxiety?

Is anxiety ruining your life? Is anxiety like a wrecking ball in your mind? Perhaps, like many of us, you live with overwhelm and worry, less sleep because of a chaotic mind, stress and turmoil. You just want to be free of the constant anxiety…

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2 months ago

Reduce Anxiety in 3 Simple Steps

Ten years ago, I was a nervous wreck because of a relational and legal difficulty in my family. I was a hot mess. I was filled with anxiety. I couldn’t sleep or eat. I was unable to calm my mind down or relax. At bedtime, my mind was still in chaos…

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3 months ago

3 Steps to Overcoming Anxiety

About 12 years ago, I was smack dab in the middle of an emotional nightmare. My family was going through a difficult time. I was filled with anxiety. I had difficulty sleeping and I couldn’t eat. I could not calm my mind down or relax…

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4 months ago

Feeling Anxious About the Holidays?

For those of us prone to feeling anxious, the holidays double or even triple the worry. Anxiety escalates as we anticipate weeks of hurried preparation and activity. It becomes overwhelming. It’s just way too much! Does This Sound Like You? Stressed and overwhelmed… Inadequate for handling daily life, especially now… Troubled about most everything… Distracted […]

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5 months ago

How to Stop Worrying When You Feel Stuck

When you are having anxiety or you are worrying excessively, days and nights become fretful and wearisome. Chaotic thoughts and feelings disrupt any sense of calm or hope. Staying preoccupied and distracted creates frustration and overwhelm…

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6 months ago

How to Stop Being a Worry Wart

If you’re a worry wart, you are definitely not alone. I was a worrier for a long time. I thought worry was just a part of life. There was really no way to get around. It just happens. You live with it until the worrisome situation blows over and you can breathe again…

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7 months ago

How to Deal with “Relocation” Anxiety

Are you considering relocating or are you in the process of relocating to downsize or be near family or let go of a house that has become unmanageable? Perhaps, due to health challenges, you are moving to an assisted living facility…

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8 months ago

Ready to Become Anxiety Free?

If daily skirmishes with anxiety leave you frustrated and worn out, you are certainly not alone. I was a worrier for many years. Back then I thought anxiety was just the way things were. If you’re alive… you worry. My mother worried and so I worried…

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