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Joan Moran is a keynote speaker, commanding the stage with her delightful humor, raw energy, and wealth of life experiences. She is an expert on wellness and is passionate about addressing the problems of mental inertia. A yoga instructor, Joan is the author of her wise and funny memoir, "60, Sex, & Tango, Confessions of a Beatnik Boomer" and "I'm the Boss of Me! Stay Sexy, Smart & Strong At Any Age". Her latest book, a thriller titled “An Accidental Cuban” is now available on Amazon. Check out Joan's website and follow on Twitter @joanfmoran.

Latest Posts By Joan Frances Moran

8 years ago

This Thanksgiving, it’s Time to Put on Your Red Shoes and Dance

Thanksgiving is a time for sharing our gratitude with the world.

It is also an opportunity for personal reflection. As we give thanks for the many wonderful people, places and things in our lives, we can learn about ourselves and our values. Read More

9 years ago

Longevity is a Resource – Here’s How to Get the Most from It

You’ve all heard it before and it is the one constant and true axiom in life: You get better as you age. Do you believe this? Is longevity really a resource? Or is this mantra just a fabrication of modern consumerism? Does American advertising use this slogan just to get you to buy a quick fix and look ten years younger with a face-life, pill or personal trainer? Read More

9 years ago

If Not Now, When? What Marion Ross Taught Me About Getting the Most Out of Life

You’ve all heard the phrase so many times that it has become a universal mantra: If not now, when?

I said that same mantra to myself in March, 1984. I was standing backstage at the Old Globe Theater, in San Diego, waiting for my cue to go on stage. The woman in front of me was no other than Marion Ross, the quintessential mother in the hit TV series, Happy Days. Marion was in the same drab, unexciting play, written by a Hungarian about, what else, Hungarians! I was playing the younger daughter of the master of the house. My character added absolutely nothing to the story – whatever the story may have been. I truly can’t remember. Read More

9 years ago

Sleep Deprived but Staying Alive – The Importance of Sleep in Life After 60

Have you ever experienced something that sounded like a good idea… but, turned out not to be? This happened to me last week, when I joined a PhD research project on sleep and source memory at University of Texas. My boyfriend requested (more like pleading and imploring) that I join him. Read More

9 years ago

Love Yourself First – Getting the Most from Life After 60

Lucille Ball said it: Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.

You really have to love yourself first to have a positive and joyful attitude in life. Loving yourself first kills the negativity that builds up in our hectic environment and culture. We’ve got so much going on in life that the way to keep our life balanced and healthy. Read More