Dr. Joseph Parent is a highly regarded expert in Applied Mindfulness and Performance Psychology. He is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, performance coach, and media commentator. His last book, THE BEST DIET BOOK EVER: The Zen of Losing Weight https://amzn.to/2P6sA1W, has garnered rave reviews. His book, A WALK IN THE WOOD: Meditations on Mindfulness with a Bear Named Pooh is available on Amazon https://amzn.to/2D9bID2. Please visit Dr. Joe’s website at https://www.drjoeparent.com.

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3 months ago

Enjoy Your Food with These 3 Easy Tips

We have all had decades at our hands to understand exactly what foods we like to eat. So, keeping Pooh’s point in mind, it should be easy to choose to eat less of what we don’t like. For instance, Leslie enjoys a pasta dinner, but the sauce is the best part…

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7 months ago

Set Them Down and Just Eat! 3 Techniques for Mindful Eating vs. Mindless Stuffing

Here is story you probably don’t know: Two Zen students were telling each other about their teachers. “My teacher is a great master who does amazing things. With three strokes of his sword, he can cut an apple off a tree and slice it into quarters…

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1 year ago

How to Take Charge of Your Own Personal Diet Plan After 60

Most diet systems present one approach that is supposed to work for everyone. They recommend specific changes in foods to eat and the way to eat them, sometimes with extensive amounts of supplements, and often schedules…

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3 years ago

Find the Silver Lining in Your 60s: Unconditional Confidence in Challenging Times

There’s a saying I’d like to explore with you: “Believe you can or believe you can’t, either way you’re right.” It points to the importance of confidence and positive self-belief in accomplishing our goals at any age, but more so in the years after 60…

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4 years ago

Stop, Drop, and Breathe: How to Turn the Tables on Relentless Stress

There’s a slogan we’ve been told to remember if our clothes catch on fire: Stop, Drop, and Roll. Running does not put out the fire. In fact, it does the opposite; it adds oxygen. By running, you’re literally ‘fanning the flames!’

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4 years ago

Don’t Fight Holiday Stress and Temptations… Avoid Them!

I was originally going to title this post “Surviving the Holidays,” and we all would immediately know what that meant – not gaining a million pounds and still be talking to our family when it’s all over. But if our goal is just to ‘survive,’ then if we achieve our goal, we survive. How satisfying is that? Read More

4 years ago

Practicing Mindfulness and Kindness with Your Grandchildren and Winnie the Pooh

Mindfulness is a state of full awareness, moment by moment, to all one’s experiences, without judgment or bias. Such awareness encompasses external perceptions as well as internal feelings, emotions, and thoughts. Read More

4 years ago

Want to Lose Weight After 60? It’s Time to Take Personal Responsibility and Make Better Choices

You may have tried to diet and struggled to lose weight. Or you succeeded in losing weight but couldn’t keep it off. Read More

5 years ago

5 Ways to Find the Motivation to Continue Your Weight Loss and Fitness Journey After 50

The ideal approach to losing weight and getting fit is based on positive preference rather than harsh self-denial. The key is to consciously choose to weigh less and be in better shape as a preference over the old habits of over-eating and avoiding exercise. Read More

6 years ago

How to Get in Shape After 60: Ask Yourself “Am I Really Hungry?”

Spring is here, and with it more time outdoors and looking forward to summer plans. So what can we do to get in shape? Read More