Dr. Kate Gregorevic is a geriatrician and PhD candidate. Her research interests include frailty, healthy aging and illness recovery. She loves sharing the latest evidence-based healthy living tips specific to women in their sixties and beyond. Kate has three children and relaxes with yoga. Visit her website at www.elderhealthaustralia.com

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5 months ago

What Causes Osteoporosis and How to Increase Bone Strength As We Get Older

When we think of bones, we think of off-white, hard, stiff and unchanging objects. However, our bones are very much a living and dynamic tissue. They provide the structure of our bodies that enables us to move…

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8 months ago

Why Healthy Gut Bacteria is So Important for Older Adults

Gut microbiota are not passive travellers that accompany us through life. They have an active role in digestion and absorption of food and even influence our immune system. There are many thousands of different species of bacteria present in every individual…

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12 months ago

Why Tai Chi is Amazing for the Health and Happiness of Older Women

I have a confession to make. Based on the science, for years I have been recommending Tai Chi to my patients without ever doing it myself. To avoid being a hypocrite any longer, I decided to attend my first ever Tai Chi class. The class was a free one set…

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1 year ago

Not Sleeping Well? Here Are 11 Powerful Sleep Strategies from a Geriatrician

As a geriatrician, I work with senior patients who suffer from a diverse range of problems, including memory worries, anxiety, pain, diabetes, falls, and more. One symptom many of them have in common is poor sleep…

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2 years ago

5 Common Questions That a Geriatrician Is Asked About Dementia

Dementia is one of the most feared diseases in the world. It is now incredibly rare to find someone whose life has not been touched by this disease, whether it is a parent, friend, sibling, or spouse. Read More

2 years ago

My Top 5 Health Tips for Staying Well in Isolation

It feels like a lifetime ago that we were all going to cafés, concerts, movies, playing golf, and hugging our friends and family. Life has changed in ways that we never imagined…

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3 years ago

What You Really Need to Know About Resistance Training After 60

As part of the research I had to do for my upcoming book, I’ve spoken to many experts in healthy ageing. One theme always keeps coming back: resistance training…

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4 years ago

5 Nutrition Suggestions for Healthy Aging

I remember when Jane Fonda proudly announced that she had put on some weight, and that she was looking better. She said growing up, she was told it was a choice between her ‘ass or her face,’ but now she’s getting complements on both. Read More

4 years ago

6 Key Lifestyle Changes You Can Make Today to Cut the Risk of Dementia

One of the most positive stories to come from recent large population studies is that the risk of developing dementia is decreasing. Dementia will still affect around one third of people aged 85 and older, but up to a third of dementia cases can be prevented with lifestyle changes. Read More

5 years ago

Why Living Your Life with Passion and Purpose Is Good for Your Health After 60

Life is a sequence of transitions. We start as children at school, perhaps attend college, start careers, take time out of a career to care for others, perhaps start a new job and eventually transition out of paid work. Read More