Leslie Ginnes’ goal is to freely share the expertise and care given to her, which nurtures her creativity. She is 65, looking back and looking forward and wondering how we can lift what is too heavy to carry. Finally, accepting everything will change, and it does in a split second.

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1 month ago

Looking at the Basics of Flower Design

This is the second of a 2-part series on flower care and design. You can find the previous article here: How Do I Make My Market Flowers Last? Please refresh or read for the first time as the information is foundational…

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2 months ago

How Do I Make My Market Flowers Last?

Let’s start with the care and feeding of flowers. By gaining this knowledge, you can save a life, one stem at a time, which goes some way toward making a beautiful lasting arrangement. It is remarkable how delicate flowers can appear…

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3 months ago

I Never Ever Will Move Again! The War Cry from a Home Under Card Board Boxes

About three months ago, my moving across the country to be closer to family became more than a topic of conversation. It became a reality; reality in that theoretical, I don’t want to think much about it, fact. March, for some reason, was picked…

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4 months ago

Decorate Your Home to Vanquish the After-Christmas Blues

There is a paradox of relief and sadness when you accept that the holidays are finished. Gone is the sense of magic that permeated your home, the lights, the scent, the warmth, and the promise; all your efforts created joy and excitement…

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