Leyla Giray Alyanak is a former foreign correspondent obsessed with social issues, culture, food, maps – and stationery. She launched Women on the Road https://www.women-on-the-road.com/ in 2007 to encourage women to travel solo whatever their age. Her weekly newsletter shares strategies to overcome solo travel challenges.

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5 months ago

Solo Travel Off the Beaten Path After 60 – 6 Essential Things to Know

You’re going where? That’s usually the reaction you can expect when you say sub-Saharan Africa, or Uzbekistan, or East Timor. Because let’s face it, some people think there’s a cut-off age for adventure…

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3 years ago

How Uzbekistan’s Silk Road Has Found Romance Again

The word Uzbekistan doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. And you might be forgiven for not instantly pinpointing it on a map. Yet for centuries, Uzbekistan was at the heart of the world’s trade…

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4 years ago

The Smart Way to Travel When You’re Over 60 and Going It Solo

Solo travel can be daunting. Most of your life, someone else has handled the travel – the reservations, the research, the budgeting. Now, suddenly, for whatever reason – it’s up to you…

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