Mahani Zubedy is the founder of She believes we all have stories. When we tell those stories, we connect with our inner self and with each other in a way that makes us stronger. Mahani believes in building individuals and communities through sharing stories.

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2 months ago

5 Reasons Why You Need to Tell Your Stories Now that You’re 60

When we enter the golden age beyond 60, we start to think about matters that didn’t concern us before. Like leaving a legacy and sharing our stories. Have you thought about it?

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10 months ago

5 Ways to Make Your Life Story More Exciting… Including Time Travel in a Hot Tub

We have lived many lifetimes and have so many stories. But sometimes stories elude us. We can’t think of even one. No worries, here are five ways to launch your story. Browse an album of photographs from your past and memories will stream out…

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1 year ago

How Sharing Stories Boost Your Brain, Especially After 60

When we hear stories, our brains sync and minds meld. We tend to think, “What’s in it for me?” so here’s some information you may find helpful. When you read or listen to facts, or watch a PowerPoint presentation, the language processing parts of your brain…

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