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4 weeks ago

Want to Increase Your Life Expectancy? Change Your Life Expectations!

Do you think about the future with a sense of excitement, hope or positivity? Research suggests that how we think about the future influences our life expectancy. In one study, people with positive perceptions of aging were found…

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2 months ago

5 Questions About Your Past That Can Give Your Future More Purpose

Having a sense of purpose, calling or mission is a powerful motivator. It is also key to having a longer, more fulfilling life. At times, however, that sense of calling or purpose may feel elusive. You may not be able to see it as you look forward…

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5 months ago

How to React to Friends’ Terrible News in Your 60s: Is There a Proper Way, Really?

For me, bad news can feel like a kick to the gut. I make an effort to stay bravely positive and present for my friend, but all the while I’m thinking, “Oh no, pancreatic cancer!? not again! I’ve already lost two friends…”

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9 months ago

5 Secrets to Having a Great Trip to Europe in Your 60s

Thinking about finally making that great trip to Europe? Whether you travel regularly, or your trip is a once in a lifetime opportunity, when it comes to taking that big vacation abroad, you want to make the most of every moment…

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11 months ago

How to Honor Your Mom with a Letter – Whether She’s Still Here or Not

Do you ever wish you could tell your mother what she means to you, even after she’s gone? You can, by writing a letter. Whether your relationship has been inspired, delightful, or strained, a letter is a place where you can pour out your heart…

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12 months ago

7 Steps to Help You Deal with Anger After 60

Anger is natural, but when it builds up in us, it can be incapacitating, causing us to lash out at others, or lash out at ourselves and lead to depression. When anger threatens to overwhelm your day, here’s a way you can shift your mood…

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3 years ago

10 Techniques to Help You Prepare for Your Big High School Reunion or Family Gathering

Attending significant gatherings, whether a class reunion or a family wedding, can make us anxious even as we look forward to them. We’ll be seeing people who knew us way-back-when…

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4 years ago

7 Easy Steps to Make Your Goals Fun and Doable After 60: Are You Willing to Try Them?

Each new year promises us a fresh start, a time to reflect on our lives, and an opportunity to discover and set (or reset) our priorities.

Whether we call them resolutions, goals, or a vision for the year, we want to ensure that we build success and momentum as we move forward with our commitments. Read More

4 years ago

Laughter After 60: Aging Actors Are Not Afraid to Show Off Their Wrinkles

After watching the first few episodes of The Kominsky Method, the new hit on Netflix, I’ve surrendered to binge watching. I love watching the two great actors, Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin, as they share their older, wrinkled faces and show us the humor in problems we might just identify with. Read More

4 years ago

Sally Field’s 5 Lessons About Life, Love, and Perseverance

In her deeply moving memoir In Pieces, Sally Field, now 72, lays bare her life and allows us to get under the surface appearance of a two-time Oscar-winning actress still known to the public as “America’s sweetheart.” Read More