Sherry Bronson is a writer and traveler. After downsizing, she searched for a new place to live, one that resonated with her passions, lifestyle and style. She found all this and more in beautiful Bali. But then her feet got itching again, and these days she is exploring Mexico. On her blog Sherry reminds her readers that life must be lived and encourages them not to waste time.

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2 years ago

Lost Childhood? It’s Never Too Late for a Do-Over!

You’ve heard it said that youth is wasted on the young. It’s true! But some of us had no childhood to waste. We were subject to forces beyond our control and became old before our time. Because of my mother’s sudden critical…

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3 years ago

3 Essential Elements of Getting What You Want in Your 60s

When we reach our 60s, several things happen. Physically, our bodies start to betray us. Mentally, we begin to assess all that we have or haven’t done. Emotionally, depending upon our situation, we may feel vulnerable. Spiritually…

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3 years ago

Forget Time and Money! What Do We Really Need More of After 60?

Other than time or money, what do I need more of? The question sat like a tired dog on the page. “I have everything I need and want,” was my self-satisfied answer.

But a nagging little rain cloud tugged at my conscience. I always know when I’m not quite telling the truth, but this time the uneasy feeling of deceit nested a bit beyond reach. Read More

3 years ago

Do You Love the Holidays? Do You Embrace them Even if You Don’t?

There are two kinds of people: those who adore the time-tested holiday traditions, the shopping, the wrapping, the cooking, the expectations… and those who, for whatever reason, don’t. Of those who don’t, there are the ones who carry on anyway…

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4 years ago

Turning 60 is an Opportunity to Change Your Life for the Better

When I said I was moving to Bali, someone asked, “What are you running from?” The question struck me as odd. I wasn’t running from, I was running to. After years of doing for others this was for me, my great adventure. It was also a test. Could I survive the loneliness that was sure to come? Read More

4 years ago

An Insider’s Guide to Retiring in Bali

I retired in Bali… can you?

Retirement crept up on me. I had excellent health, meager savings and a severe case of age-appropriate denial. Then, three friends died of cancer within eighteen months. I wasn’t yet sixty-one. All younger than I, they had unrealized dreams and unfinished lives. Read More

5 years ago

4 Questions to Help You Beat the Blues

Recently, a friend had a phone call from someone she’d met several years ago. They had enjoyed a number of conversations over coffee back then, but the man was married with a family. In her mind they were just friends. Read More

6 years ago

Grandmother Remembers: What 3 Things Would You Pass on to Your Grandkids?

The 27-hour flight back to Bali from the U.S. socked it to me this time. So, while I was un-jetlagging and housebound, I rummaged through reading material, organized drawers and, in the process, stumbled upon Grandmother Remembers. Read More

7 years ago

A Recipe for Radically Reinventing Yourself in Midlife

Are you in the market for a seismic shake-up that re-calibrates you from the inside out? Something more lasting than a new purse, a different hair color, the latest raw food or green juice diet? Read More

7 years ago

Should Grandmas Move to Be Near Their Grandchildren?

Will I go or will I stay? I found out last November that my first grandchild was on the way. As I shared the news with close friends, they were quick to ask, “Will you move back?” Family members in the U.S. wanted to know the same thing…

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