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Susan Goldfein “unretired” and began a second career as a humour writer. She’s a blogger and author of two books of humorous essays, How Old Am I in Dog Years? and How to Complain When There’s Nothing to Complain About. Visit her website at

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10 months ago

Laughing Through the Third Act: How Do You Learn to Take Yourself Less Seriously?

A funny thing happened on my way to retirement. I became a humor writer. It wasn’t part of some grand plan. Rather, it was a serendipitous occurrence born from the acute terror of not knowing what I was going to do with the rest of my life…

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2 years ago

How to Survive a Marriage: Humor Is Cheaper than Divorce After 60

When I was a young married person, I would sometimes find myself in the company of an older married couple who had been together for a very long time. It was impossible not to notice that they would frequently disagree over the most unimportant…

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