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Barbra Streisand Gives James Corden a Legendary Lift

By Sixty and Me November 05, 2018 News

We’ve all experienced car trouble at one time or another, similarly to how James Corden did on a recent episode of his hysterical Carpool Karaoke.

However, it’s unlikely that any of us have ever been lucky enough to receive a lift from a musical legend like Barbra Streisand, 76, as Corden did.

The not-to-be-missed recent episode begins when Corden notices a boot on his car, makes a quick phone call, and is quickly rescued when Streisand rolls up next to his booted car in a white Range Rover, offering him the ride of a lifetime.

And what happens after Corden hops into the passenger seat is pure musical magic.

A Wild Ride

Streisand is known for many things – her wildly successful six-decade career as a singer, songwriter, actress, and filmmaker; her outspoken and passionate viewpoints on politics; her incredible generosity and dedication to various philanthropic endeavors; and, of course, her incredibly powerful and one-of-a-kind voice.

But the one thing that Streisand isn’t known for? Her driving skills.

After letting the car get away from her for a moment, she revealed to Corden that she had failed her driving test three times!

Streisand shared that while she did finally pass her driving test, she has never been a big fan of being behind the wheel, sharing a story about how she mistakenly drove up an interstate ramp, saying, “I thought, ‘That’s it! I’m not driving anymore.’” She then turned to Corden and joked, “So, you’re lucky!”

After getting over his initial fear of Streisand’s driving abilities, he laughed and said, “I’ve got to be honest, if this is how I go out, I’ll take it! It’s a good way to go. ‘How did he die? Barbra Streisand.’”

The two continued on their laughter-filled ride, belting out a variety of classics as they sang along with the radio to hits like ‘Memories’, ‘Enough is Enough’, and Streisand’s new single, ‘Don’t Lie to Me’.


Let’s Get Serious

However, soon the laughter-filled sing-along took a more serious turn as the two discussed Streisand’s very public battle with stage fright.

Streisand has certainly overcome much of her stage fright over the years, but even today, she admits, “I don’t get nervous-nervous. But I don’t enjoy it. I get scared. I don’t want to disappoint people.”

As one might imagine, the thought of Streisand ever disappointing anyone was difficult for Corden to relate to. After all, Streisand is the definition of a legend, a musical icon, a performer who can do no wrong in the eyes of her fans.

But Streisand explained that she doesn’t see herself that way, to which Corden replied, “Well, you must do on some level. You must think, ‘I’m Barbra Streisand!’”

Streisand was adamant about the fact that she simply doesn’t regard herself as an icon or any kind of a ‘big deal’.

That is, until Corden brilliantly proved to Streisand that she truly is a big deal by reminding her of something that would only happen to an icon, “Didn’t you call up (Apple CEO) Tim Cook to get him to change how Siri says your name on an iPhone?”

She admits that she did but claims that is was more of a ‘customer service’ situation, though she goes on to share a story about Steve Jobs, saying, “I once called Steve Jobs, you know, when I couldn’t figure out something on my computer,” a story that more than proves Corden’s point about her being a really big deal.

After all, she’s Barbra Streisand. Words like ‘legend’ and ‘icon’ barely do justice to the true talent and star-power that she possesses. And the fact that she is so humble about all of it only makes her that much more amazing.

Are you a fan of Barbra Streisand? What did you think of the Carpool Karaoke episode? Share your thoughts and join the conversation below!

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