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This is Why Olivia Newton-John is A True Warrior

By Sixty and Me November 30, 2018 News

Over the course of her nearly six-decade career, Olivia Newton-John, 70, has taken on and filled many different roles – singer, songwriter, actress, entrepreneur, and activist, to name a few. She has won four Grammys, sold an estimated 100 million records worldwide, been married twice, and is the mother to one daughter, Chloe Rose Lattanzi.

It goes without saying that Newton-John has, and continues to have, a very full, well-rounded life where she successfully wears a variety of hats.

Unfortunately, there is one ‘hat’ or role that Newton-John continues to have put upon her time and time again – and that is the role of cancer fighting warrior. As Newton-John battles against her third bout with cancer, she opens up about her journey and how she remains strong and positive on her journey.

An Ongoing Battle

Most people know Newton-John for playing the beloved role of Sandy in 1978’s film adaptation of Grease, though she has undoubtedly acquired a massive following thanks to her successful singing career, her ongoing acting roles, and her significant involvement in a variety of environmental and animal rights foundations.

And while Newton-John has certainly proved that she is fighter in terms of fighting for acting roles, fighting for her huge musical successes, or fighting for animal rights and the environment, her greatest battle over the years has been fighting for her own health.

And it is a battle that, unfortunately, seems to be ongoing.

In 1992, Newton-John was diagnosed with breast cancer for the first time for which she underwent a mastectomy and participated in targeted cancer treatments. For many years, Newton-John believed that she had won her battle with cancer. But in 2013, she learned that the cancer had metastasized in her shoulder and she put on her ‘warrior hat’ once again.

With this second cancer diagnosis, Newton-John underwent treatment and felt triumphant in beating cancer once again, feeling so good, in fact, that she headed out on tour to continue living her life and celebrating her health.

But while on tour last year, she began to suffer from extreme back pain, writing in her new book, Don’t Stop Believin’, “I would limp backstage and gingerly lie down on my dressing-room floor, crying in agony.”

Upon further examination, Newton-John learned that her agonizing back pain was in fact the return of her cancer which had once again metastasized, this time, in her lower back.

As she put on her warrior hat once again and began to fight this relentless disease for the third time, Newton-John maintained, and continues to maintain, an admirable level of positivity and strength, saying, “I believe I will win over it, and that’s my goal.”

Using a combination of radiation, cannabis oil, and other herbal therapies to help manage her pain and fight back against her diagnosis, Newton-John remains vigilant about taking care of herself and thinking positively, “Cancer is something I will need to stay on top of. It’s up to me to manage my stress, to eat and rest well and to continue with the healing protocols. I truly believe this will be my final round with cancer. I will go on with my life.”

And as she goes on with her own life, Newton-John will also help other cancer warriors go on with theirs as she recently founded the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre in Melbourne, Australia.

Newton-John, cancer-warrior extraordinaire, is not shy about speaking openly on her health struggles and helps provide strength and positivity for all of her many fans by sharing her journey on Instagram, saying, “My dream is to see an end to cancer in my lifetime.”


We commend Ms. Newton-John on her inspiring journey and wish her all the strength and positivity in the world. If you would like to learn more about her cancer research foundation, please visit:

How has cancer impacted your life or your family’s life? Who inspires you to stay strong when facing a life challenge? Share your thoughts and join the conversation below!

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