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Christie Brinkley Shares Her Secret for Feeling and Looking Young

By Sixty and Me August 10, 2018 News

In this youth-crazed society that we live in, it seems that there is always a new serum or superfood on the market promising a youthful glow and never-ending energy.

Unfortunately, most of these supposed “miracle” products are filled with empty promises that often fall short of delivering.

But what if the secret to a youthful appearance and a bit more pep in your step didn’t come from a skincare product or health food smoothie?

According Christie Brinkley, the secret to looking and feeling younger can’t be bought at the supermarket or a department store – but you might want to try your local animal shelter!

Christie Brinkley is HOW old??

If you haven’t seen a picture of Christie Brinkley, 64, lately, you need to check her out immediately.

Between her radiant skin, voluminous hair, and unbelievable figure, she easily looks 20 years younger than she is. Of course, at our age, not all of us want to look younger… but, look and feel as good as possible? Sign us up!

And its not just her appearance that causes people to do a double-take when they hear her age – its her active lifestyle, contagious energy, and cheery outlook on life that truly gives her an all-around vibrant aura leaving all of us wondering, “How do I get some of THAT!?”

Her answer? Dogs!

Brinkley swears by the fact that her two furry friends, Maple and Chester, are the secret to her not only looking, but feeling amazing!

By using her dogs as motivation to get outside in the fresh air and get active, she finds herself rarely missing a day of exercise!

“If you can’t get motivated to exercise for your heart or fitness, do it for your four-legged ‘personal trainers,’” Brinkley said to Woman’s World.

A Natural Solution to Stop the Aging Process

Whether it’s a morning jog, a lunch-break stroll, or an evening walk, making sure that your pups get the exercise they need will inevitably help to improve your own health and well-being.

Not to mention that plenty of scientific studies have shown that being outdoors in nature can have a meditative effect and naturally lower stress levels. And we all know that stress can be detrimental to our health and our youthful glow.

All this means that getting outside with your four-legged friends is the perfect way to stop the hands of time and improve how you look and feel – mind, body, and soul!

Plus, if walking your dog more frequently might help you look and feel more like Christie Brinkley, it’s certainly worth a try, right?!

Do you have dogs? How do your four-legged friends improve your life?  Do you notice that time in nature helps to reduce stress?  What stress-relieving or youth-inducing tips do you use? Join the conversation below!

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