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Are You Adventurous?

By Cindy Boatman October 09, 2022 Lifestyle

I’m certain the desire for adventure has been rooted deeply within me since childhood. This, coming from a person who equally craves a sense of safety and security! While the two may seem incompatible, in my experience they are not.

I liken adventure to how your tastebuds come alive as you take the first bite of your favorite spicy dish! Or the rush felt throughout your body upon inhaling cool, crisp mountain air. Adventure brings your senses to attention and moves you from mere existence to a state of thriving!

Defining Adventure

My favorite definition of adventure is “an exciting or remarkable experience,” though traditionally the definition includes an element of risk or danger. I suppose it wouldn’t be much of an adventure without some level of risk, but physical danger is optional! At a minimum, it must be something that takes you out of your comfort zone.

I suspect most people have some sense of adventure, the degree of which lies on a continuum between slight and extreme. I have met a few people that seem to not have an adventurous bone in their body. Hard for me to grasp, but I’ll leave it at live and let live.

There is a DRD4-7R gene that has been associated with a love for travel and new experiences. It has been nicknamed the “wanderlust” gene, and it impacts dopamine levels, thus tolerance for risk-taking. Not sure I have that gene since I have many contradictory personality traits!

What Comes to Mind When You Think of Adventure?

Adventure has many faces. What does it mean to you? Travel, skydiving, kayaking, surfing, hiking, learning a new language, starting a business, writing a book, spending time with your grandchildren? All the above qualify as adventure in my book, especially spending time with small children since their sense of enthusiasm, awe and adventure has not yet been eroded by other influences.

My latest adventure was a trip to Moab, Utah and parts of Southwestern Colorado. I can identify multiple aspects of the journey that were adventurous for me:

  • planning and anticipating the trip;
  • experiencing the landscapes of Moab, which seemed like visiting another planet;
  • experiencing awe in viewing the golden autumnal vistas created by the Aspens in Telluride, Colorado;
  • learning the history and current culture of towns visited; and
  • off-roading excursions that included precipitous cliffs that truly added elements of risk and danger!

How Can Adventure Work to Your Benefit?

Those like-minded souls are surely familiar with the benefits of incorporating adventure into one’s life. For those in the “not so much” camp, consider some of the ways adding a little adventure to your life may be beneficial:

  1. Stimulates your senses. Makes you feel alive!
  2. Helps prevent falling into a rut.
  3. May expand the mind.
  4. Allows connection with others.
  5. Builds confidence, resilience, and new skills.
  6. Brings perspective to one’s life.
  7. May increase physical, mental or cognitive health.
  8. Provides a sense of fulfilment, purpose and general well-being.

Adventure Ideas!

I’m intrigued by many facets of adventure, but did you know Adventure Travel is a growing market among seniors? Active Retirees Seek Adventure Travel is an interesting article on the subject. Also, I enjoyed reading 9 Best Senior Travel Groups to Join for an Epic Adventure. It has some great suggestions for groups you may want to join if you are looking for exciting travel opportunities that promote personal growth.

Adventure Opportunities for Those with Limitations

As to travel experiences, many people have limited options due to finances, physical challenges, single status, confinement to a nursing facility, or other reasons. The following resources may be helpful in such situations:

  1. Five Travel and Budget Tips for Senior Travel.
  2. 14 Accessible Vacations for Seniors with Limited Mobility.
  3. Six Amazing Vacations for Single Women Over 60 (Sixty and Me Blog).
  4. What about adventure for seniors without access to traditional options? I’m excited by Kyle Rand of Rendever on How They Use VR (Virtual Reality) to Address Isolation and Aging. This is cutting edge technology that has the potential to change lives!

Adventure Challenge!

If some form of adventure is not currently part of your life, I hope this post serves to inspire you. I challenge each reader to give thought to how you’re feeling these days and how you’re spending your time. Are you bored? Feel stuck in a rut? Do you wake up excited to meet the day? Do you have anything to look forward to?

Next, put pen to paper and list 3 adventures you’d like to pursue. Each choice should make you smile on the inside! Then add a statement of intention for each that includes a reasonable timeline. Finally, get busy planning and filling in the details, always keeping the end in mind.

For seniors actively engaged in adventure, take a minute to evaluate and prioritize any desired adventures yet to be experienced. What, if anything, is holding you back? Work through any obstacles and get busy planning!

Travel and writing are currently at the forefront of my adventures. But as you consider yours, remember there are no limitations other than your choices should take you out of your comfort zone. Now is always the best time, so get busy spicing up your life!

Let’s Have a Conversation:

Do you think it’s important to experience adventure as we age? What is your favorite type of adventure? How has it benefited or enhanced your life?

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joc cee

Pre pandemic I was up to 40 countries with a hunger for more. It was my plan and dream when retired to do more but the pandemic put me off schedule.. I have volunteered in other countries and love to explore the smaller villages and towns. I feel that way you really get the flavor of the culture. I have met so many wonderful people along the way . My first trip coming out of the pandemic was Turkey. I usually travel solo but did a tour to get my feet wet and get back on the road.Hoping to plan some trips in the Spring and going forward.


I’m lucky enough to be able to plan loads of trips to far flung places. Iceland, Italy earlier in the year, Cornwall, England walking in the summer, followed by a fortnight in South Africa recently and I’m in Corfu, Greece at the moment. Feel I have to just get on and do things nowadays as time gets shorter. The more I travel the more places I want to visit. Travel is becoming popular and easier again post-COVID too.

Cindy Boatman

I agree Susan, the more I travel the more places I want to visit as well! Thanks for sharing.


I am so full of that Wanderlust gene! This year I went to The Amazon and Galapagos travelling with 2 girlfriends. Then after a brief down town at home with hubby I set off in the opposite direction and spent a month In Brunei visiting my eldest daughter and her family. Zip wiring and abseiling were my physical challenges that holiday! Now back home I’ve joined a wild water swimming group in a nearby lake and I’m busy learning my lines for the Calendar Girls play I am appearing in a few weeks time!
Fast approaching my 70 th birthday i am living my life to the full!

Cindy Boatman

You certainly are an adventurer and very inspirational as well!


Melodie, how does your husband feel about all your traveling? Just curious since I would be traveling without my husband as well.


Turned 60 today and looking forward to a mult-day kayaking adventure in Baja, Mexico next month! Adventures keep me excited about life.


Without new experiences, we lose opportunities to: Meet new people, challenge our own fears, learn new skills, share our knowledge and perspective, deepen our own self – knowledge!

Cindy Boatman

Agree! Thanks for commenting!

The Author

Cindy Boatman is excited to share her research and personal insights, hoping to help others live their best lives as they age. She is retired, pursing her dream to write, enjoying nature, travel, and her grandkids. She completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training certification program in 2020.

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