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Better Memory and Brain Fitness – Cynthia Green (Video)

In this episode of the Sixty and Me Show, I speak with the dynamic Dr. Cynthia Green, one of America’s foremost memory fitness and brain health experts. She shares with us how we can preserve our memory and maintain our mental agility and brain health as we grow older.

Dr. Green is a clinical psychologist and the founder of the Total Brain Health program which explores how the brain functions in a dynamic relationship between body, mind and spirit. She gives many practical and fun tips on how to boost brain power, remember names, stay focused on tasks and prevent dementia.

Dr. Green is the author of many books on brain power including 30 Days to Total Brain Health and Your Best Brain Ever. We talk about many scientific developments and positive research supporting ideas for the prevention and treatment of memory diseases.

We discuss Dr. Green’s holistic approach to brain health which includes physical well-being, intellectual stimulation and reduction of stress and negative emotions. Her Total Brain Health program targets each of these essential areas in order to enhance daily intellectual performance and reduce the risk for dementia.

On a practical level, we discuss why physical exercise is great for health, and explore how games can improve mental sharpness. Dr. Green also shares some novel ways we can change our daily routines to stimulate brain power. Finally, we talk about the importance of socializing, friendships and community and how the practice of meditation can enhance our overall brain health. Enjoy the show!

What are you doing to keep your brain healthy? Have you made any changes to your diet? Have you started a new exercise program? Do you meditate? Please join the conversation.

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