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Can You Help Me Pick a Mother of the Groom Dress?

By Mileah Curtis March 28, 2016 Makeup and Fashion

I have some exciting news to share: My son is getting married! I’m thrilled for them and I love my daughter-in-law to be.

The wedding will be this August, on the beach in Los Angeles, where they live. Currently I live in Austin, Texas, so, I have some planning to do between now and then.

This Wedding Already Feels Different

This feels different than when my daughter got married eight years ago. I was involved in nearly every aspect of the pre-wedding, wedding and post wedding goings on. Come to think of it, my checkbook was probably more involved than I was, but, whatever!

My daughter and I had a blast and I would probably do it all again, given the chance.

This wedding feels different. My son and his fiancé have taken control of everything, which I don’t mind at all. For starters, I don’t have the resources that I had when my daughter got married – but that is a whole other blog!

Where Can I Find the Perfect Dress… for Me?

Back to my train of thought – the wedding. I am looking for a mother of the groom dress. Since it is a summer beach wedding, the bride has chosen “sage” for her bridesmaids. My son, the groom, will be in a gray suit. The groomsmen will be in navy.

I checked to see what her mother is wearing and she hasn’t decided yet. I also checked with the bride to see if she has any guidelines for me – color, length, style, etc. She was very accommodating and said that she was open. I did promise to send pictures before making a final decision.

So, I think all of the boxes are checked in following bridal etiquette for finding a mother of the groom dress. Now, if I could just find something that is elegant, understated, appropriate, and reasonably priced!

Unfortunately, I’m Not Off to a Great Start!

Most of the long gowns I have looked at were too “junior-ish.” Most of them showed too much skin, were too tight or too revealing. On the other end of the spectrum were all of the gowns that only a grandmother would wear.

Oh, wait! I am a grandmother! But I’m not THAT grandmother. I’m still “cool,” aren’t I? In my mind, I am. I just want a dress that’s fun, looks amazing and feels good. I have some serious dancing to do. Is that too much to ask?

Please no jackets. I work out – so my arms are not that embarrassingly flabby. But, then again, they are NOT sculpted either. Maybe short sleeves will work.

Please no black! Everything I own is black. It’s a summer wedding! Every one of us has body issues. Getting a dress that fits my body perfectly, I think, is the key.

Wish me luck! I’m going to try to pick something I really love. This way, when I look back at the pictures years from now, I’ll remember all of the wonderful memories of their special day. Stay tuned. I feel my dress is right around the corner!

I’d love to get your advice on this! Please let me know where you would look for the perfect mother of the groom dress if you were in my place. Thanks for your help!

Do you have any advice for me when it comes to picking the perfect mother of the groom dress? Where did you find your dress for your son’s wedding? Please join the conversation.

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