Mileah Curtis likes to re-invent furniture and look for flea market finds. She has reinvented her life in her Second Act.

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10 months ago

My Second Act Dream is Flipping Houses. What’s Yours?

I am a sucker for a before and after transformation. My dream job would be to flip houses! What is something that you would do if time, money and resources wasn’t an issue? I would be looking for that one diamond in the rough piece…

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2 years ago

How Quilt Patterns Reveal the Fabric of Our Lives

Last weekend I decided to tackle my closet and get rid of old clothing that no longer fit or would never be worn again. I actually enjoy this task. My closet gets a make-over and I donate things that are still in good shape. Sometimes I find things that…

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7 years ago

The Thrill of Thrifting: Save Money and Find Treasures in Your 60s

If you have a nose for high fashion, but, don’t always have as much as you would like to spend on it, welcome to my world! Fortunately, I have discovered quite a few clever solutions to this problem…

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7 years ago

Can You Help Me Pick a Mother of the Groom Dress?

I have some exciting news to share: My son is getting married! I’m thrilled for them and I love my daughter-in-law to be.

The wedding will be this August, on the beach in Los Angeles, where they live. Currently I live in Austin, Texas, so, I have some planning to do between now and then. Read More