If you have a nose for high fashion, but, don’t always have as much as you would like to spend on it, welcome to my world!

Fortunately, I have discovered quite a few clever solutions to this problem. For instance, let’s say you need an outfit for a special occasion. You’ve tried the usual shopping malls and big department stores and, unfortunately, your taste doesn’t match what your wallet says you should spend.

Why not try a vintage consignment store instead? You can look fabulous for half the cost. Then you can turn around and sell your outfit right back into consignment. Clever, right?

This, to me, is affordable luxury. Think about affordable luxuries as you try to invent your new personal style.

Here are a few simple ways to up your fashion game without breaking the bank:

  • First, try replacing those cheap plastic buttons with vintage, jeweled-toned ones
  • Next, put on a dab of your “good” perfume as you head out the door
  • Finally, drink your coffee or tea out of that special mug or china cup that you were saving

These are exactly the kinds of small activities that make us look and feel amazing without forcing us to pay an arm or a leg for new clothes.

Thrifting Isn’t Just Limited to Fashion

The Thrill of ThriftingToday, the joys of recycling have hit every facet of our lives. Years ago, we only recycled bottles and cans. Nowadays it’s everything that you can think of, from furniture to clothing and beyond.

There are bargains everywhere with your name on them. I have found some of my best
(I’m talking REAL wood) at garage sales for very little money. Sometimes all a piece needs is a little dab of paint.

Speaking of which, painting isn’t just economical. It’s fun! So, why not reconnect with your creative side, while making something beautiful for your house?

A Few Tips for Being Thrifty

There are a few ground rules that you should know before going on a “scavenger” hunt.

First, you have to be in the right frame of mind. You should go solo and have no expectations of what you are going to find.

Second, never go when you are tired or stressed. Take your time and keep your wits about you. This will save you money and prevent you from making emotional purchases.

Believe me when I say that there are bargains out there with your name on them. From thrift shops and consignment stores to vintage clothing boutiques and garage sales, there has never been a better time to be thrifty. I know, because I have found them!

This week invest in a new pleasure: thrifting. Your check book will be glad you did!

Do you like looking for treasures in thrift shops, consignment stores, vintage clothing boutiques and garage sales? What are the most interesting items that you have found at one of these places? Please join the conversation.

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