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My Second Act Dream is Flipping Houses. What’s Yours?

By Mileah Curtis May 16, 2024 Hobbies

I love Saturdays! It’s the day that I can catch up on all my HGTV and DIY shows and dream about what I would really be doing if fear (and money) wasn’t an issue!

I’m a sucker for a good “before and after” transformation. My dream job would be to flip houses! TV makes it looks so easy.

I love the idea of finding something broken and fixing it. Broken things are cheap. Fixing them for cheap is the gamble. Selling the completed work for a profit is the goal. Sounds simple, right?

When I watch Fixer Upper, Flip or Flop, First Time Flippers, Love It or List It, and Property Brothers, I am so inspired. I love watching the risks and design challenges that all of the flippers come up against.

The choices required to ensure successful outcomes are overwhelming. When things go wrong, the results can catastrophic! On the other hand – it can turn into something magnificent.

What Would You Do if Time, Money and Resources Were Not Barriers?

I would be looking for a “diamond in the rough” piece of real estate to magically transform into an instant best seller.

I love the fact that it takes guts and imagination to take something that is less desirable into a happy home. I think I am drawn to houses and real estate because I am a homebody.

Home is my happy place. What scares me is the upfront cash and the gamble you take by putting everything into the flip. On the other side of the coin, it could turn out to be a huge success!

Just like in life, the secret to a successful flip is patience.

Trying not to panic and waiting for what I want is a big hurdle for me. You should know your strengths… and when to call in the experts. For me, there is the fear of making a mistake. There is no middle ground here – you’re either in or you’re out!

Knowing that your life will never be perfect, while trying to maintain a strong belief in yourself, is hard. In fact, this fundamental struggle is defining my Second Act.

Until I take the plunge and actually flip a house, I will continue to live vicariously through the lives of “flippers” on TV.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

What exotic, fun, crazy or unusual Second Act dreams do you have, now that you are in your 60s or better? What is stopping you from making them a reality? Please join the conversation.

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Karen Hill

I love thrift shopping for antique and vintage furniture. But only so much can go in one house so I spread the love now by cleaning, repairing, painting, or otherwise “up-doing” the treasures I find. I make sure I get at minimum $30/hour and often a $5 bedside table, with a coat of (Barbie) pink paint, will sell for $60 in my area. I get to support all sorts of nonprofits with my hobby money.

Carol Aleksiuk

Money stops me from traveling till I die. Renting air bnb’s (not hostels) and seeing the world comfortably and slowly would be my dream.


I have a five-year plan. I plan on growing a native plan garden in an area 300 ft long by 50 ft wide. It will involve finding and moving existing native plants from the area and transplanting into an area where they will continue to grow and hopefully multiply.

I will then cover the area with plastic to kill the underlying vegetation. I will leave that at least 2 summers. I will be planting seeds and propagating plants to grow there as I cannot possibly buy all the plants I need.

I will eventually sell native plants, noninvasive perennials, medicinal, and edible plants. I also like crafts and would teach craft classes.

Actually my 5-year plan has already turned into a 6–7-year plan. It took me 1 1/2 years after my husband of 47 years death to be able to focus enough to accomplish anything.

I have much of what I need to accomplish this such as land, a tractor, and experience with plants. What I don’t have is extra money and labor. It is pretty physical digging in the dirt.

I have actually had several careers over my lifetime. As a child, I was part of the family workforce on a farm. As an adult I worked as a Registered Nurse in a variety of areas. I also worked 17 years with my husband building kitchen cabinets. Whatever was needed, I did from measuring to helping build and install cabinets. I also handled the office part.

I am 67 now and figure I have about 18 years left. Hoping I will be healthy most of that. My grandfather was digging up stumps at 85. I asked him once why he worked so hard. He said he had to in order to keep his blood circulating. I plan on following a family tradition.


I’m your kindred spirit, also a homebody who spends too much time devouring DIY TV shows. I totally get your fantasy! Mine is owning a B&B. Sadly, that’s way beyond my financial means. But oh, the daydreaming about it is so much fun!!! Thanks for sharing.

Ann Mary

Such a fun article! I’d travel the world on my own and enjoy all the amazing people, experiences, places, cultures and foods. I’m not afraid to do it, it’s the expense that holds me back. And so, like you Mileah, I’ll continue to sign up for ideas, read about it (including on this wonderful website), watch TV programs and YouTube to learn more. In the meantime, shorter trips keep me fulfilled.


The Author

Mileah Curtis likes to re-invent furniture and look for flea market finds. She has reinvented her life in her Second Act.

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