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Collecting is One of the Best Hobbies for Women Over 50

By Margaret Manning November 24, 2015 Lifestyle

If you have followed Sixty and Me for a while, you may be surprised to see me posting an article on why “collecting things” is such an amazing hobby for older women. After all, I’ve spent much of the last decade simplifying my life.

In reality, there is less of a conflict here than you might think. When I argue for the value of simplicity, I am not asking people to live without possessions. Instead, I am suggesting that the women in our community make room for the things that are important. I am recommending that each and every one of us become conscious about the things in our life.

If you think about it, “simplifying” and “collecting” are really two sides of the same coin. If you take the time to remove the unimportant, you have more room for those little passions that make life worthwhile. Well, at least that’s how I justify my little collecting obsessions!

Recently, I asked the women in our community what they like to collect. Their answers were as far apart as the stars in the sky – yet, at the same time, they were tied together by a common purpose. Each and every one of us, in our own way, is searching for meaning in our lives. The things that we collect are a small, but important, part of that search.

To set the tone, let me first say a few words about my passions. Then, I’d love to share some of my favorite responses from the community. Please take a look. Then, let us know what you like to collect in the comments at the end of this article.

My Slightly Strange Passion for Postcards

When I travel, I love to collect two things – memories and postcards. I write my memories down in my little leather journal. My postcards, I place in boxes covered in semi-precious stones. This way, I feel like an explorer opening a treasure chest, every time I take them out.

Collecting is One of the Best Hobbies for Women Over 50 - 2

There is nothing better, on a cold, windy day than sorting through my best memories. As the steam rises from my tea, I watch the colors from the crystals in my room dancing over the pictures of Paris, Seattle and Edinburgh. Somehow, they reflect the light that I feel in my heart on those simple, beautiful moments.

No matter what you collect, I suspect that you experience something similar when take out your most precious items. Even if they aren’t “worth much,” in terms of money, they are precious to you – and that’s all that matters!

50 Reasons Collecting is One of the Best Hobbies for Women Over 50

I love all of the women in the Sixty and Me community. We have over 150,000 boomer women in our group and each one is a unique as the crystals on my postcard boxes. Every one sparkles in her own way. To help us get to know each other a little better, I asked the women in our community what they love to collect. Here are their amazing answers.

Vicki Ann loves little cats, made from glass, wood and bone.

Regina collects dragons (I think she means figurines).

Marian collects comics and sticks them in a scrapbook.

Karen loves clothes and jewelry.

Sheryl Lynn gathers books and Native American artifacts.

JB just sold her swan collection and is now hoarding digital photos.

YN collects things that she finds beautiful.

Linda is a serious collector – she loves scarves, hats, Victorian lace, textiles and jewelry.

Collecting is One of the Best Hobbies for Women Over 50 - 4

Gail enjoys looking for glass milk bottles. Her goal is to find one from every state.

Jackie collects spoons from different countries.

Lynn says “I collect everything, it’s a problem.”

Brenda loves to collect hugs and kisses from her grandkids.

Karen’s obsession is art supplies.

Pamela loves fridge magnets from different cities (who doesn’t love fridge magnets?)

Mary collects pretty little boxes.

Maureen looks for music boxes and seashells.

Marti collects rosaries.

Dorothy says that she loves to collect good people.

Kristine collects little animals that open up with a necklace in them.

Judy is eclectic in her collection habits – she loves toasters, bowling shirts, and elephants.

Velva loves to collect pots.

Collecting is One of the Best Hobbies for Women Over 50 - 5

Barbara gathers memories from her travels.

Marlene’s passion is for angel figurines.

Jane’s friend collects perfume cards and stores them in an oversized brandy sniffer.

Terry collects tea pots, tea cups and books.

Charla’s favorites are bells.

Sandra collects Fenton glassware and books.

Kate collects Fitz & Floyd rabbits and quilting cotton fabric.

Laura looks for perfume bottles.

Marnie adores teddy bears.

Kelva collects fabric.

Andree buys anything Cliff Richard.

Lana says her addition is antique perfume bottles.

Irene collects pin cushions, knitting patterns and yarn of any kind.

Carol has a fascinating combination – miniature typewriters and frogs.

Maureen collects pots.

June says she is still a child at heart. She loves snow globes and flower fairy china.

Lucie collects cups and plates.

Joan loves shells from the beach and classic car magazines.

Collecting is One of the Best Hobbies for Women Over 50 - 1

Sharon loves Jim Shore folk art pieces.

Heather collects wooden ducks and hand-crocheted shawls.

Margaret hoards pearls.

Berry loves to collect aprons.

Jo collects lockets and puts precious pictures inside them.

Deirdre is fascinated by old portable typewriters.

Jane is addicted to cookbooks.

Heather collects wooden ducks.

Mary collects real books – she says she can’t quite let them go yet!

Leila loves adult coloring books.

Sandra collects smiles and says she has thousands stored in her memory.

Collecting is not about acquiring more “stuff.” It is about bringing our passions to life. The items that we find, our hobbies can give meaning to our lives and show off our personality. So, by all means, embrace simplicity – but, also leave a little room for the fun, beautiful, meaningful and even silly items that make life worthwhile.

What items do you treasure and collect? So you agree that getting rid of unimportant things can make it easier to collect the things that we love? Please join the conversation.

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