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5 Ways to Celebrate 60 and Beyond!

By Susan Cox January 09, 2023 Lifestyle

As we ring in another year, I think it’s important that we keep the celebration alive way beyond the first weeks of January.

I don’t know about you, but I really had no idea what to expect as I entered ‘Midlife’. I never really thought about it because I was certain it wasn’t going to happen to me. For the longest time, I didn’t equate celebrating with getting older.

Clearly, aging wouldn’t happen to me. I may have ignored the signs. I ignored them for a very long time.

Until I really couldn’t any longer. Acceptance took a lot of work on my end; opening my mind and having an entirely new perspective meant finding a unique vantage point. I realized that later is definitely greater, and am privileged to share this with my clients as I help them get visible with their confidence and style in this unbelievable time of our lives.

We have choices on how we view, handle, and react to situations, people, and other issues. I’m all about energy and making sure I’m living and acting with positive intentions. Some days are harder than others, but it is possible. I want to share some tips that work for me and help me celebrate this wonderful stage of life!

So, if you are grateful or perhaps need some inspiration for embracing and thriving in this decade and beyond, I invite you to continue reading.

Age Is Simply an Image!

We get to portray what that image is EVERY SINGLE DAY! We define how we want to show up simply by our attitudes. And what better way to reveal how good we feel than with what we wear?

There is a whole psychology of dressing. Clothing represents who we are, our uniqueness! What we wear and our perceptions are related to whether we like it; no matter our age, we portray a particular image with our clothing.

We evaluate others each day based on their appearance, and they do the same.

Let the world know just how fantastic you are simply by showing up in clothes you love and which love you back!

Act on Your Bucket List!

Do you have a list of things you’ve always wanted to do but have yet to have the time, money, or gumption to do in your younger years? Well, now is the time to re-address these things.

If you don’t have a bucket list, create one. It doesn’t have to be as crazy as skydiving but should include something you have always been interested in and intrigued by but, for whatever reason, have never done. It could be mastering a type of cooking, channeling your creativity through a painting course, or taking a foreign language. You get to decide!

Make sure you go all in and embrace what you put on this list. Make it something you can do with no obstacles. And when you’ve done one, move to the next one!

Have fun with your bucket list and see how this elevates your mood and sense of accomplishment!

Change Up Your Style!

Change can be so fun when it involves your style! This is what I love most about working with my clients! This is the time you can weave what you love, who you are, and what makes you happy into your wardrobe! Yes, that’s right! Dressing for who you are is liberating.

Make sure the clothes in your closet today align with your current lifestyle. Remove the clutter of things that are no longer serving you. Change up the colors of your clothes. In Midlife and beyond, updating your colors is so important as our inherent colors (eyes, skin, and hair) change, and what was once our “IT” color is no longer true. All that means is another fabulous color is waiting for you to wear!

Start changing your style from head to toe! Get the haircut you’ve always wanted and add highlights or another color. Change your glasses.

If you need help, schedule a free consultation with me to discover how you can change up your style!

Trust Yourself!

After all you’ve experienced in your life, marriage, motherhood, divorce, loss, careers, and more, you have earned the right to trust yourself. You’ve made many decisions, some difficult, others easy. I see too many Midlife women second-guessing themselves and not making the best choices, or worse, not making any choices. That stops today!

Listen to that inner voice, your intuition, or whatever is speaking to you when you’re faced with making a decision. I can tell you the exact number of times my intuition was wrong – zero!

You know what you want, so go out and get it, and ask for it without regret! It doesn’t matter what others think; what matters is what you think and how you feel.

There’s a saying, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you always get what you’ve always got.” Step into your power, lovelies. It’s time!

Get Visible!

“I feel like nobody sees me.”

“It’s as if I am invisible.”

These are actual quotes from my clients. Perhaps one of the most well-known “stereotypes” of being in our 60s is the fact that we believe we are no longer seen.

Well, that can only be true if you let it be true. I help women across the globe make sure they are visible with their attitude, their actions and what they wear.

Are you being seen? What do I mean by this? Are you getting out, so others see you? This can be as simple as volunteering, meeting friends for lunch, dinner, a play or whatever you love to do – it can be anything.

Of course, I have ideas for how to be seen with your style. And I will tell you it has made a BIG difference in how my clients feel about themselves.

Just because we are a certain age does not mean we cannot be seen.

Refer to your bucket list and see how that can help you become more visible. When you decide to change up your style, you are sure to be seen and not invisible.

We are so lucky to be this age, and my five ways to celebrate 60 and beyond will make it even more fun.

Enjoy, lovelies!

Let’s Have a Conversation:

How have you changed your style after 60? What new colors and styles have you discovered? What makes you feel visible as a mature woman?

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Toni Stritzke

I find I can’t tolerate mascara any more. So now I get my eyebrows shaped and tinted every month. The colour is a little stronger than I’m used to but with my shoulder length grey hair and Northern European complexion I feel I need it to define my face. I’m not disappearing any time soon.
I’ve gotten rid of my heavy fringe and just keep a few feathery layers.
I now wear a lot of rust and sage green colours as well as my usual winter colours.
My jewellery has simplified and I wear lipstick more often.
I exercise much more because I have more time and I’m less stressed.
And…..I’ve ALMOST stopped worrying about my big hips.🥰
A work in progress indeed!


I’m about to go to the Dentist and had on a vibrant sea green blouse.
After reading your article I added a pair of matching ratings and a bracelet…. thanks for the boost!


That’s meant to be earrings not ratings!

Vicky Cook

I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 57. I was simply happy to celebrate 60! I am now 64. I am an avid hiker in the Smoky Mountains(400 miles in 2022). I also make quilts for those going through cancer treatment, and am president of our community HOA.
My style has evolved to be more casual, and if it isn’t comfortable, I’m not wearing it! But I want to look nice too. I typically limit my wardrobe to a few select colors, black, blue and tan for bottoms, and turquoise, coral, pink,white, purple for tops. Everything goes together nicely and it sure simplifies shopping.

The Author

Meet Susan Cox, Confidence Creator and Founder of Fiercely50ish where she helps Midlife women get visible with their style and shows them just how magnetic they are and let their confidence shine through by what they wear today and forever. Want to be comfy and stylish? Checkout her Athleisure Capsule.

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