Meet Susan Cox, Confidence Creator and Founder of Fiercely50ish where she helps Midlife women get visible with their style and shows them just how magnetic they are and let their confidence shine through by what they wear today and forever. Want to be comfy and stylish? Checkout her Athleisure Capsule.

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4 weeks ago

5 Ways to Celebrate 60 and Beyond!

As we ring in another year, I think it’s important that we keep the celebration alive way beyond the first weeks of January. I don’t know about you, but I really had no idea what to expect as I entered ‘Midlife’. I never really thought about it because…

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2 months ago

Five Ways to Love Your Clothes

I love clothes. I always have. I love how they feel. I love how they make me feel. I love how powerful they can be!
So it makes sense that I’m a confidence creator for women to get visible with their style and confidence because you cannot have one…

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4 months ago

How to Stop “Blending in” at 60 and Beyond

I believe that later is greater. Of course, I didn’t believe that for a long time. I never really thought about becoming middle-aged or even beyond. As I’ve shared with many, I never thought about aging because I wasn’t going to let it happen to me…

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5 months ago

Style Should Be Easy at Any Age!

Growing into my wisdom each year, I have noticed the desire for ease and simplicity. It wasn’t always like this. I spent many years wasting my energy and time worrying about things that I couldn’t control and really didn’t matter…

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7 months ago

Five Significant and Surprising Tips for Dressing in Midlife

As the Confidence Creator for Midlife Women, I offer a different perspective on how to get visible with your confidence and style. I’ve helped hundreds of women step into their power by defining and developing their style techniques…

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8 months ago

Stop Weighting to Embrace Your Style in Your 60s!

Many of us are chasing two bodies when it comes to our clothes and style. Yes, the body from our younger years and our future body, the one we say we will have someday. When we break this down, we live in two universes: the past and the future…

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9 months ago

5 Simple Tips from The French Women’s Style Playbook

Style! It’s so personal, which is why I love working with women to define, develop and perfect their unique and distinct looks. And I especially love working with women 60 and older! Whether you’re retired, working, or somewhere in-between…

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10 months ago

5 Easy Ways to Dump the Frump at 60 and Beyond!

How long have you worn your current hairstyle and color (if you color your hair)? If you cannot remember, or it’s been several years, it is time for a change. Staying with the same cut you’ve had for decades can make you appear older…

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11 months ago

5 Style Tips That Will Make a Big Difference in Your Midlife Style

Midlife is a fantastic time of life. We have certainly earned our stripes after decades of raising families, carving out careers, and the many other competing priorities that perhaps have vied for our attention…

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