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5 Awesome Tips You Need to Know About Ageless Energy!

By Astrid Longhurst May 13, 2022 Mindset

When I was a child, I was constantly being told to quiet down and not to make so much noise. I had an exuberance for life and was always excited by what the day would bring. However, after being told repeatedly that I was too loud, I also picked up the message that I was too much, and I began to put a lid on my excitement and enthusiasm.

Whilst I knew that I was loved, I grew up feeling that my energy was too big for others to handle and began to shut it down.

Keep Your Inner Flame Alive

However, this kind of energy can’t be extinguished completely and at the age of 62, I am so grateful for this passion for life that kept my inner flame alive. It has served me well over the years and, rather like a bouncy beach ball that you may try to hold under the water, I kept bobbing up, no matter what tried to hold me down.

The Secret to Ageing Really Well

In my work as a body confidence expert, coach and author, there is one thing that I know for sure – ageing joyfully and fabulously is all about being able to manage your own energetic and emotional states of being.

The secret to ageing really well is to be able to create MORE energy every day of your life and with each passing year. In doing this, we stay excited and positive about what tomorrow will bring. This has a rejuvenating effect on our mind, body and spirit. Ultimately, it’s not about ageing – it’s about energising so that we radiate that glow of positivity and possibility, no matter how old we are!

5 Fabulous Ageless Energy Tips!

I have selected five of my most awesome ageless energy tips to share with you – enjoy!

#1: Cultivate an Attitude of Looking Forward to Growing Older

Are you excited by the thought of growing older? Do you see ageing as an adventure and something to be excited by? Your attitude about ageing has a huge impact on your energy. Indeed, one recent study showed that people who had a positive view of ageing lived about seven and a half years longer than people who saw ageing in a negative light.

This is exciting because it means that we can create lives that are full of joy, hope and positivity by the way that we think. A lovely exercise to do is to write a letter to your older self. If you are in your 60s now, write a letter to the 70-year-old version of you. If you are in your 70s, then write a letter to the 80-year-old you and so on.

In this letter, tell your future self all of the things that you are looking forward to and what you want to experience in your life. Read it weekly, add into it, make it a fun dialogue. This exercise really helps to focus the mind on exciting things for the future, which in turn helps you to feel more energised and uplifted.

#2: Everything Is Energy!

Everything in the entire Universe vibrates at a different energy frequency. Every word we speak, thought we think or action we take is contributing to our own energetic state of being. We can often sense when something doesn’t feel right although there may be no overt clues as to why we feel this way. However, we know, because we feel an energy shift within us.

We are energetic beings and as such it is vital to make sure that we are being surrounded by as much harmonious and loving energy as possible. Indeed, love is one of the highest energy frequencies and when we love who we are we generate an inner state of joy, peace and wellbeing.

A great tip for harnessing more of this positive and vibrant energy is to take a look at the kind of energy that you are immersing yourself in every day.

Some great questions to ask yourself are:

  • What is the energy of the friends or family I have around me? Is it uplifting and supportive or does it drain me and make me feel tired?
  • What is the energy of the food I eat? Does it make me feel truly nourished and satisfied or does it bring my energy down and cause bloating or discomfort?
  • What is the energy of my home? Does it feel welcoming and safe or do I need to make some changes?

Begin to notice how your own energy states change throughout your day and seek to make small positive changes wherever you can. This might mean that you spend more time around positive people or that you luxuriate in reading the books you love or spend more time out and about.

#3: Energise to Actualise!

This is a powerful ageless energy tip. We are continually shaping and creating the experience of our life. One of the key ways that we do this is by the thoughts we think and the words we use to describe ourselves and our lives.

Have you ever noticed how some people will always reply negatively or in a limited way to what is unfolding in their life, no matter how good it is? For example, every time I asked a certain colleague about how they were, they always replied in the same way, “mustn’t grumble I suppose!”

Even after their daughter’s wedding, which was a fabulous success, their attitude was downbeat as they proclaimed that it could have been worse and that it wasn’t as bad as they thought it would be! Their focus was on the negative and interestingly, this person always appeared tired and down.

Make sure that your inner self talk is uplifting and positive. Become really aware of the kind of things you say about yourself, your life and your body on a daily basis. Whenever you catch yourself being less than supportive, take a deep breath, place your hand on your heart and apologise to yourself (and body).

Remember that your body hears what you say and feels what you think. So, choose to think and feel fabulous!

#4: Pay Yourself Compliments and Celebrate Every Small Win!

How good are you at accepting compliments from others? How good are you at giving them to yourself? This is such an important factor for creating a real sense of fabulous energy. Many people shrug off compliments and may feel embarrassed by them or simply that they don’t deserve them.

Even more important are the compliments we give to ourselves. I don’t mean this in a superficial way. It’s more about really acknowledging who you are and the daily things that you do well or have overcome.

For example, when I was struggling with Arthritis, just getting out of bed every morning was a real challenge. So, every time I took another step forward, I whispered to myself “Well done, I’m so proud of you!” It’s about celebrating every positive success and giving yourself this kind, supportive and loving feedback every day!

#5: Tap in More Energy!

When you need an instant boost of energy, a wonderful practice is to gently tap all over your body in light repetitive actions. Start at your collar bones and gently tap all around them. Allow this gentle tapping motion to move into the centre of your chest and then down your body towards your belly and hips.

Tap down the front and back of each arm and down the front, sides and backs of your legs. If you can, gently bend forward and tap your kidney area in your back. Finish off with very light taps all over your face and top of your head.

As you do this, breathe in and out deeply and visualise a golden light illuminating every area that you tap. Take a few moments to sit quietly and notice the difference in your energy. You may feel lighter or more alive or just find that you have more clarity. This is a lovely exercise that you can do anywhere, and it helps to really boost your energetic state if you are feeling a little low.

Do join me on Instagram for all of my positive and inspiring life tips. It would be great to have you there. I would love your company!

What makes you feel most alive and full of energy? What are your own tips for ageless energy?

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