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6 Easy Ways to Curl Your Eyelashes Without an Eyelash Curler Plus Eyelash Curling Tips

I think we’ve all noticed some changes to our eyelashes as we’ve gotten older – perhaps they’re thinner, shorter or we have fewer of them – or perhaps we’ve noticed all three of these changes. But if we curl our eyelashes, they look longer because they point up rather than straight out. And curled lashes also make our eyes look bigger.

But what if you aren’t able – or comfortable – using an eyelash curler? Well, recently someone in one of my in-person makeup classes for women over 50 asked this very question. She wondered if there was any good alternative way to curl our lashes that doesn’t involve using an eyelash curler.

Fortunately, the answer is yes. Moreover, there are six techniques, and today’s article and video will focus on them. In the end, I’ll also share tips on the most effective way to curl our lashes when we do use an eyelash curler and the best way to keep our eyelashes curled all day.

The first five techniques I’m going to share with you are ways we can curl our lashes before applying mascara and the sixth technique is a way we can curl our eyelashes after applying mascara.

Use Your Index Finger

For technique number one, you need to look down and place your index finger horizontally against your eyelashes and then push the lashes against the top of your eye. Then hold the eyelashes in this position for 30 seconds. To really insure great curl, repeat this technique on the outer corner lashes and on the inner corner lashes.

Grab a Spoolie

For technique number two, you need a tool which you most likely already have: an eyebrow spoolie brush. These can be purchased separately, or you can use an eyebrow tool that has an angled eyebrow brush on one end and a spoolie on the other.

Another option is a disposable mascara wand. These disposable wands can be purchased at beauty supply stores like Sally’s.

First, put the spoolie brush behind the lashes and then curl the lashes upward by slightly turning the spoolie. Hold for 30 seconds.

Another variation of this technique is to first dip the spoolie or disposable mascara wand in castor oil. The castor oil helps condition the lashes, and some people have experienced some eyebrow or eyelash growth after using castor oil for a while. I have to say that I have tried using castor oil on my brows and eyelashes and have not noticed that the lashes are longer or fuller. But perhaps it might work for you.

Try Two Q-Tips

All you need for technique #3 is two Q-tips. Place one of the Q-tips behind the lashes and the other Q-tip in front of the lashes. Then use the Q-tip in front to push the lashes back against the Q-tip behind the eyelashes and hold the lashes in this position for 30 seconds. Then use this same method on the outer corner and then on the inner corner.

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Try a Spoon

The tool you need for the fourth technique is a spoon. Place the side of the spoon that curves inward gently behind the lashes. Then press the lashes back against the spoon with your fingers and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat going toward the inner and outer corners.

A Long, Curved Object

A long, curved object can also make a good eyelash curling tool. What about the handle of an eye makeup brush?

Place the curved object lengthwise behind the eyelashes. With a spoolie, disposable mascara wand or your regular mascara wand, press the lashes against the curved object for 30 seconds.

A Different Technique Using Your Index Finger

The sixth technique is one you can use after you apply mascara, and it involves our index finger. Press your finger horizontally across the eyelashes and gently push the lashes back. Then keep holding the finger against the lashes until the mascara is dry. Depending on the length of your lashes, you may need to use a Q-tip to flick off any mascara that transferred onto your lid area.

The Best Way to Curl Your Lashes with an Eyelash Curler

If you want to use an eyelash curler, first place the curler as close to the base of the lashes as possible. Then, lift the arm so it’s horizontal. This arm position gives greater curl to the lashes. Count to five and then stairstep upward a little higher on the lashes and once again hold for five seconds. Continue stair-stepping up the lashes and holding the lashes for five seconds until you reach the top of the lashes.

The Best Way to Keep Your Lashes Curled All Day

If you have very straight lashes that are hard to curl, but you want them to stay curled all day, you will find this tip helpful. What makes this technique work is the formula of the mascara itself.

First curl the lashes using whatever technique works best for you. Next, apply Maybelline Waterproof Lash Discovery. And it’s very important to use this particular waterproof mascara. With this particular formula, we can also use an eyelash curler again after we use mascara. Normally it’s not recommended to curl our lashes after mascara is applied because this can cause the lashes to break off.

Even though some of us have eyelashes that are quite straight and others have eyelashes that aren’t as challenging to curl, one of these eyelash curling techniques will definitely make a difference when we want our lashes to look longer and our eyes bigger.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

Have you found an eyelash curler challenging to use? Are your eyelashes quite straight and resist curling? Do you have any special tips you use that help curl your eyelashes?

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