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Dating Over 60: *Hot!* Advice from 2 Dating Coaches (One Male, One Female) You Need to Know!

By Sixty and Me August 27, 2019 Dating

The world of dating might have changed so much since your 20s, but it can be just as exciting and fulfilling. Whether you’re widowed, recently divorced, or still waiting for the right one, you don’t have to feel intimidated by the senior dating scene in the modern world.

A little advice will give you the confidence you need to jump into the dating pool. To help you get back out there, Margaret Manning sought advice from two midlife relationship experts: Lisa Copeland, founder of Find a Quality Man, and Ken Solin, author, columnist, and dating coach.

Heal from Your Past Relationship

Before you decide to find love again, make sure you’ve healed from your past relationship. If not, all the feelings and baggage from your past will come flooding back. Eventually, it will affect and maybe even ruin the connection you’ve tried to build with your new partner.

Give yourself time to heal so you can rediscover your passion and live more vibrantly. There’s nothing more attractive than an empowered woman.

Think Outside the Box

When you’re back in the dating scene, you should give love a chance. That means you shouldn’t limit yourself to a certain type. Give people who you would never date a chance. If you get to know them, you might get past the prejudices you’ve imposed on them, and you might genuinely like them.

Going on a date with a person you never thought you’d go out with can be exciting. Who knows? They might end up exceeding your expectations.

Get to Know Your Date

Don’t be afraid to ask your date questions that will help you get to know them more. At times, women restrain themselves from asking too much, fearing it will make their date think that they are too needy or crazy. But if someone isn’t willing to go that far to know you, you’re probably better off without them.

Asking the right questions on your first date will help you forge a connection with your date. In doing so, you can find out right away if you and your date share the same interests. That means you don’t have to waste your time if you can’t connect.

Of course, you should be ready and willing to return the favor.

Find a Partner with a Social Life

Go out with someone who has a social life. A person who lacks personal connections most likely won’t have lasting romantic relationships. Close friendships help us become better communicators. It teaches us how to compromise and resolve conflicts.

Without that experience, your date might have trouble expressing themselves. Also, without close friends, your partner might become too dependent on you.

What’s your senior dating experience like? What dating advice would you give to women over 60? Share your story and your advice in the comments below. Please click “like” and share this article to help other women out.

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