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Forget About Dating Resolutions in 2023

By Andrea McGinty December 30, 2022 Dating

Since we know the majority of New Year’s Resolutions fall to the wayside by the end of January (a whopping 75%), let’s skip them this year regarding your love life! Perhaps you think that if you sign up for a long-term gym membership and are paying the big bucks on a one-year contract, you’re more likely to go to the gym… right? Well, maybe.

Plans, resolutions, strategies without accountability generally fail… so let’s jump right into some 2023 Dating Tips from your dating coach.

Side note: Online dating explodes in January and February – I know because I get monthly stats from Gallup and Pew – and you would be amazed to know that singles do flock to dating sites, no matter what part of the country they live in and no matter the weather.

2023 Dating Tips

So, what dating tips could I offer, you may ask. Here is a list of 10:

Think Outside Your “Type”

While you may always go for the athletic, 6”2’ man with a Ph.D. or a man with a full head of hair, you’d be surprised to know that, over the years, I’ve seen many women fall in love with someone they originally told me was not their type!

Don’t Expect Perfection

Perfection is not tangible, and we shouldn’t hope to find it in another person. Hopefully, you never expect it from yourself too!

Your Date Is Not a Mind Reader

My 3 criteria for a relationship are Communication, Chemistry and Common Values. Oh, did I say communication? Yup!

Trust Your Gut

Your intuition is usually well tuned to catch trouble. So, if something seems a little fishy in a guy’s profile, if he only posted one photo – use your intuition.

Don’t Get Attached Too Quickly

Oh boy. I could write a book on this one. During my weekly coaching calls with clients, I often hear, “Oh, he is the one,” after one date and then the woman in question wants to quit dating others. That’s a bad idea. One date does not make a relationship.

Just Date

Your goal is to get 5 first dates the first two weeks. Yes, 5. Why? It gives you practice and confidence especially as you’ve been out of the dating world the last number of years.

Say Yes

To every opportunity – a party, a man you’re on the fence with online, a hike with people you don’t know well, a trivia night – say yes. Because… you never know, do you?

Live in the Moment

What ifs keep you away from the present. Forget about them. You’re on a date – enjoy this moment. Don’t be thinking of date #3 or #4 or how a relationship is going to work geographically or whether your kids will accept your boyfriend. Stay present and enjoy.

Don’t Overthink If Someone Stops Texting

I hear this one enough, “Oh, it went great and then he stopped texting – I wonder why.” Yes, smart women actually obsess over what might have happened to the person. Move on – the dating pool is huge!

Know What You Deserve

That means never settle. He is out there. Believe me; in 25 years of dating coaching, I absolutely know one thing – there is a lid for every pot, and I see it happen every day!

Happy New Year and much love in 2023!

Let’s Have a Conversation:

Is dating difficult for you? Have you made a resolution about your dating life in 2023? Do you think you will keep it? What do you think about trying out these dating tips instead?

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Maxine Hillary

Online dating if you compare time spent looking and time spent with someone you’d date twice is small. Get out and enjoy life away from the computer and you will find someone really right for you


I absolutely love these suggestions, especially thinking outside your “type.” With many of us, our types didn’t work, yet we kept pursuing those types! I had a counselor who said to me once, “When you walk into the party and you see the man who you want to talk to, run the other way and talk to someone else.” Best advice I ever got.

The Author

Andrea McGinty is the founder of It’s Just Lunch dating service. She sold it and founded 33000Dates.com so she could help singles navigating online dating. In the 2020s, she knows the best way to meet people is through online dating using a professional coach and specializes in singles in their 50s-70s!

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