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Do You Like Doing Crossword Puzzles?

By Margaret Manning February 02, 2017 Lifestyle

When my kids were still in the house, “me time” was a complete fantasy. I never understood people who said that they liked crossword puzzles, scrapbooking or knitting. I mean, who has the time?

I didn’t have anything against these activities. It’s just that, fun though they might sound, the idea of sitting down for 30 minutes with a cup of tea and the New York Times crossword puzzle sounded like a crazy overindulgence – something like reading for pleasure or, heaven forbid, taking a bubble-bath.

I guess this is one of the best things about being in your 60s or 70s. Even if you are still working, you finally have time to do things “just for fun.” What a concept!

As you probably know, we recently launched a new section of the Sixty and Me website that focuses on free online games… and, one of my favorites is the good old-fashioned crossword puzzle.

As I have started to make crossword puzzles a part of my daily routine, I wanted to know if you have a favorite crossword puzzle. Do you still like to do the crossword puzzle in one of the major newspapers? Or, do you prefer to play online? Let’s start a conversation. Then, I would like to invite you to try our own Sixty and Me crossword.

Do you like to do crossword puzzles? Which one is your favorite? What do you like most about crossword puzzles? Please join the conversation.

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