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Embody Your Superpower After 60

By Joanie Marx January 15, 2023 Mindset

Everyone has a superpower. Do you know what yours is?

To confidently display your superpower after 60 requires you to see what limiting beliefs about yourself have unconsciously hidden your true, authentic self.

This is an inner journey that begs many questions. Not the least of which is, who is your true, authentic self?

After spending most of your life embodying the beliefs others have of you, from parents, teachers, friends, romantic partners, and society itself, it can be difficult to look at yourself from an entirely new and empowering perspective.

Even more so, it can be downright scary to embody your superpower.

In this fourth and final article of a four-part series on Six Simple Steps to Change the Narrative of Your Life in 2023, we are going to explore the sixth step which is embodying your superpower.

What Is a Superpower?

When people think of a superpower, it is common to conjure up superhuman traits such as flying, walking on water, running at the speed of light, being invisible, lifting heavy objects, etc.

But what if a superpower is something else altogether?

If you have spent a good portion of your life believing you were not good enough to be, do, and have all that your heart desired, rewriting that narrative is the process of embodying your superpower.

This opens you up to a world of unlimited possibilities.

From that inner space of unlimited possibilities, you come back into alignment with your true, authentic self. It is here you discover what your superpower is.

This is not the kind of superpower you associate with comic book heroes. It is, however, the kind that comes from within you.

So, what is a superpower?

A superpower is a belief. But not just any belief.

It is a belief, that when embodied, radically alters your inner and outer reality.

The Game Changer of Game Changers

The more you rewrite your life narrative, the more your superpower emerges.

Rewriting your life narrative is in of itself a superpower because it is transforming your limiting beliefs into new, empowering beliefs.

This changes everything.

Therefore, rewriting your life narrative is the game changer of all game changers.

To do this, you must be willing to embody the traits of your new, empowering beliefs at the level you have embodied the traits of your limiting beliefs. For that is how you change your inner and outer reality.

5 Examples of Your Superpower

If you are flipping the script on limiting beliefs, your new more empowering beliefs will be expressed through your superpower.

Here are five examples:

Unworthiness Is Transformed into the Superpower of SELF-LOVE

Loving yourself unconditionally amplifies your inner magnetism. You no longer chase after love, happiness, and success, or even believe you are unworthy of your desires. You now attract what you desire by embodying what you seek.

Self-Doubt Is Transformed into the Superpower of INTUITION

Tapping into the superpower of your intuition you are able to see, hear, and feel things that self-doubt once hid. Embodying your intuition is akin to seeing into the future and making decisions and taking inspired action on something before it even materializes.

Fear Is Transformed into the Superpower of VULNERABILITY

When you embody your superpower of vulnerability, you are creating an invisible forcefield around you, making you impervious to outside opinions. You are no longer controlled by your fears. Instead, you are in control of your emotions, and thus, you are in control of your life.

Worry Is Transformed into the Superpower of IMAGINATION

When you embody your superpower of imagination, you gain access to solutions and opportunities that worry overshadows. The power of imagination eliminates obstacles and illuminates the path of least resistance to your desires.

Resentment Is Transformed into the Superpower of APPRECIATIO

When you embody your superpower of appreciation, life becomes joyous, invigorating, and uplifting. The pain and difficulties of the past melt away as appreciation for the gifts of life experiences open doorways to a new way of being, doing, and having your desires fulfilled that once seemed impossible.

The End Is the Beginning

What makes these superpowers?

You are facing what once appeared to be insurmountable obstacles and overcoming them with a new narrative, fueled by unstoppable beliefs in yourself.

This brings us back to who your true, authentic self is.

She is you.

Your true, authentic self is who you desire to be right now, without any limits.

When the narrative of your past comes to an end, the beginning of the next chapter of your life begins. That moment, for you, is now.

To help integrate what you are learning, join me in the companion video for this article. I will share additional insights and guide you through three journal prompts to further help you embody your superpower after 60.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

What is your superpower? Are you free to embody it or are you embodying your limiting beliefs to this day?

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I am in agreement.. I am about to turn 67. I am learning to reinvent myself and love it. I feel better than I’ve for yeas

Patricia Ann Powell

Thank you for sharing. I’m near 68 and I’m trying to reinvent myself too. One thing I’m doing is trying to be more focused on how I spend my days of retirement and finish projects. I’ve procrastinated too much. I volunteer at a little community coffee house nearby & I love helping. I waited too long! Can you share some ideas of what you’re doing to reinvent yourself?


I’m ALL about this idea. Ready to turn 67 and life is feeling so good. Nothing has changed on the outside, but all the inner work has changed my entire POV.


This is exactly what I’m trying to do 😁to change my thinking and get rid of the unfounded fears and self doubts 🤔😏

Jennifer M. Bell

It is possible to embody one’s superpower at any age, including after 60. It may take some effort and commitment, but with the right mindset and actions, anyone can tap into their unique abilities and strengths. Some ways to do this may include setting goals, developing new skills, and seeking out opportunities to use one’s talents and passions. Additionally, staying physically and mentally healthy through regular exercise and self-care can help to maintain the energy and focus needed to embody one’s superpower. I appreciate your article.

Patricia Ann Powell

Thank you for your insight!! I especially like the mention of good health & exercising. A daily walk was a great way I began.

One goal of mine is living free ‘Faith over fear.’ Years ago, I learned this acronym from Joyce Meyer. She helped me get over so many stumbling blocks!!

F- false
E- evidence
A- appearing
R- real

The Author

Joanie Marx is a three-time bestselling author and the creator of the new, groundbreaking Refocus & Renew Your Life® online course series on Udemy. She is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, with a degree in Psychology, and a leading authority on refocusing and renewing your life.

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