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Everything You Need to Know When Considering a Safari Vacation in Your 60s

By Sue Rudolph November 13, 2019 Travel

If you’ve never been on a safari and are considering it for the first time, you’ll have many questions. Even if a safari has been on your bucket list for years, taking your first steps to make your dream a reality can be a little overwhelming.

Over the years, I have had the chance to help many adventurers. To aid in your decision-making and planning, here’s an overview of the key questions my clients ask.

Will I Like a Safari?

If you love nature and are glued to wildlife documentaries, then there’s no doubt you’ll be delighted to watch the action unfold in front of you.

Catching your first glimpse of a giraffe’s head soaring over the treetops or hearing the distant roar of lions is exciting, and it only gets better and more thrilling the closer to the action you go.

But it’s not just about the ‘Big 5’; a safari offers so much more, from delightfully comical warthog encounters to majestic elephants.

It’s quite likely that when you recount your trip to friends and family at home, your highlight will be something different from what you expected before you left. Whether this is a sunset watering hole experience or the sight of hundreds of wildebeest, the memories will last a lifetime.

Is It Suitable for Me?

Safaris are active. They’re dusty, hot, and have more than their fair share of insects and bumpy tracks. To catch some of the action, you’re likely to be up early, or late, or both.

The environment is likely to be more rustic than what you’re used to, and the culture quite different. If you can take all of this in your stride, then an amazing experience awaits.

What’s Best, a Guided or Unguided Safari?

Can you tell which prints and scat belong to which animal and how long ago they were left? Most of us can’t, so sit back, relax, and leave it to the experts; this is their back yard, and they know its inhabitants well.

Enjoy scoping the horizon and the thrill of discovery without the stress of maps and itineraries and the worry of missing out on something. You’re on holiday!

That said, some smaller parks offer an excellent unguided experience and would give you a flavor of the larger wildlife scope of a big reserve safari.

Addo Elephant Park in South Africa is one such example. This is a self-drive day-trip that’s a fun way to complement a South African sightseeing holiday, for example.

What’s the Accommodation Like?

As with any holiday, anywhere in the world, there is a choice of accommodation. Yes, you can camp, and your choice will range from bare canvas to luxury structures.

But don’t feel driven by some quasi-canvas authenticity; safari lodges are available, and if this is where your comfort zone is, there’s no shame. Lodge accommodation needn’t break the bank; offerings range from budget to luxury.

How Do I Choose Which Safari Is Best?

There is indeed a huge choice in safari options. Some locations are vast, some smaller, some are private reserves, and some national parks.

There are regions suited for seeing certain species at particular times of the year and some that specialize in certain species or encounters. To get the most of your holiday, I would always recommend using an agent.

Why? Experience and knowledge.

Over the years, my company has helped many animal enthusiasts choose the perfect safari and accommodation options for them. Established agents with great reputations will have amassed valuable insight into locations and operators and will be best suited to match your requirements.

Is It Safe?

Choose an established operator with a great reputation, and a safari is a thrilling experience. Remember that the majority of your adventure will take place from the safety of a vehicle guided by experts in animal behavior. Follow their directions.

Remember to stay hydrated and apply common sense. Don’t wander off on your own, venture out at night, or take a dip in a lake or river, and your experience will be a wondrous adventure.

You might be concerned about tropical diseases. Consult a health care professional early to get advice about immunization and malaria precautions, as well as any other concerns that you may have.

Remember that some immunization protocols need to be initiated many months before departure, so don’t leave this until the last minute.

When Should I Book?

Book your safari early. Plan ahead, not just because of the aforementioned medical considerations. Some of the more specific safaris book up well in advance, so it pays to be early. The sooner you book, the better options you will have for flight times and deals too.

Do I Need a Visa?

Depending on your passport and where you are going, you might need to apply for a visa before you go. Visa applications involve completing some paperwork and sending off your passport.

Some locations operate a visa-on-arrival system, which means your visa requirements are taken care of upon arrival at your destination airport, often a fee applies. Again, a good agent will help you understand your requirements.

What Should I Pack?

Think comfort and hot weather and pack lightly.

  • Loose, comfortable clothes with good layering options. You’ll need some long-sleeves to help resist mosquitoes and a light jacket for cooler evenings.
  • Strong but comfortable footwear.
  • Insect repellant, sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses.
  • Think about neutral colors and blending in.

Your agent or operator will have a detailed list, which will include specifics should they be required.

African safaris seem to touch something deep in your soul. Maybe it’s the connection to nature; maybe it’s something more primitive. Whatever the connection, if it’s something that ignites a spark, don’t delay. You won’t regret it.

What kind of adventure travel do you have on your bucket list? Have you considered an African safari? What sounds the most tempting about a safari? If you have been to a safari before, which experience was the most memorable? Please share in the comments below!

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