Every stage of our lives can be described in words. For many years, the words that described our experiences as women centered on our social roles. As young women, many of us we were curious, maternal, fulfilled, ambitious and creative. These adjectives were like stepping stones that deepened as our lives became more complex.

When we turn 60, we have an opportunity to use new words to describe our lives. We have the opportunity to rewrite our descriptions with adjectives that reflect our deeper sense of wisdom and confidence.

In a recent interview, Oprah, who recently turned 60, used words like significant, freedom, independence, peace, calm, forgiveness, perspective and understanding to describe her experience.

For me, turning 60 was the beginning of a time of discovery. There was a sense of urgency, but, this was balanced by patience and appreciation.

In my 60s, I feel connected to people of all ages, but, I also feel free to be myself. I feel like I have broken the chains that held me to others’ expectations, while maintaining the social connections that make life worth living. Do you feel the same?

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How would you describe the experience of turning 60? How is life in your 60s the same as or different from the other phases in your life? Do you agree or disagree that turning 60 offers you the opportunity to let go of others’ expectations and chart your own course? Why or why not?

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