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Feeling Low Today? Why Not Give Yourself a Healthy Food Hug?

By Margaret Manning February 16, 2015 Health and Fitness

How do you respond to stress in your life? Do you go for a long walk in the park? Do you watch a funny movie? Do you reach for a large bucket of chocolate-mint ice-cream? Or, do you turn to healthy food options?

If your natural stress response involves eating, you may find that you are experiencing unfortunate side effects. But, there’s a better way! You can deal with your stress without adding inches to your waistline by giving yourself a healthy “food hug.”

Healthy Food Can Still Taste Amazing

The goal here should be to pick foods that you crave but that are also healthy. This means that simple carbs, like bread and junk food are out! Finding healthy foods that you enjoy eating is actually easier than you might think. It just requires a little planning.

Remember, when you are feeling stressed, you are unlikely to have the discipline to go looking for a healthy choice. So, your goal should be to have a stash of healthy snacks available at all times, just in case you start feeling stressed.

My favorite healthy foods include walnuts, avocados and kefir. What are yours?

If you are looking for inspiration, here are a couple of my favorite sites when it comes to creating healthy snacks: Epicurious and BBC Good Food. You can also read our companion article, which offers 7 healthy foods and super supplements for healthy aging.

The great thing about giving yourself a healthy food hug is that you don’t need to feel guilt afterwards.

You get an instant emotional boost, but, without eh inevitable fall that comes after eating something that we know we shouldn’t.

Healthy food - If you are feeling stressed, why not treat yourself to a healthy food hug?

What is your favorite healthy snack? What essential healthy foods have you added to your diet recently? Please join the conversation below.

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