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5 Simple Steps to Be What It Is You Seek

By Joanie Marx July 12, 2023 Mindset

Do you believe it is possible to have your innermost desires fulfilled after 60?

Although each of us has our own unique desires, one thing we can all agree on is just because we are 60 and over doesn’t mean our innermost desires vanish.

In fact, our desires for more love, health, money, and happiness are accentuated for most of us at this stage of our lives.

So, how do you go about addressing your innermost desires, let alone achieving them?

This question and more will be answered in this new article and video series for Sixty and Me readers. Beginning today, we will take an inner journey together through the “5 Simple Steps to Be What It Is You Seek” and how to easily apply them to your life.

Let’s begin with the #1 obstacle to living joyfully through your desires.

Desires Don’t Live Outside of You

Contrary to how most of us were raised and educated, getting your desires met has little to do with the outside world.

You are the living embodiment of your desires!

This means your desires don’t live outside of you. They are in you.

As much as we all tend to make the outside world responsible for what goes on in our lives, the key to manifesting your desires begins and ends within you.

So, how does this work?

  • If you desire more love in your life, start loving more of who you are.
  • If you desire to be healthier, identify and get rid of unhealthy beliefs.
  • If you desire more money, rewrite the story you are telling yourself about money.

These are just three of an endless array of examples.

Therefore, the #1 obstacle to living joyously through your desires is seeking for them outside of you.

We’ve all chased after our desires. Many of us still do.

But if we’ve learned anything in life to this point, it’s that we know the more we chase after something outside of us, the more stressed and exhausted we become.

Even if we catch what we seek, the inner void we were really trying to fill remains frustratingly empty.

How do you reverse this inverted process of having your desires met after 60?

Be what it is you seek.

Living Life on Autopilot

Being what it is you seek makes it easier to have your desires fulfilled with less effort, less struggle, and less resistance.

For when you seek to capture your desires outside of you, it is usually done so through limiting beliefs and unconscious attachments to the past. This all but guarantees you will get lost on the path to your desires.

I say ‘unconscious attachments’ because most people in pursuit of their desires are less focused on what’s going on within them presently and more caught up in their past.

This means you are living life on autopilot.

Autopilot is when you are functioning in the world without being aware of how you are going about doing it. You are detached from your present awareness and unconsciously going from Point A to Point B based on past thoughts and behaviors.

In this state, you are not consciously aware of the obstacles you face to fulfill your desires.

The solution to this, and what brings you out of being on autopilot, is consciously living life through your innermost desires. This is what it means to be what it is you seek.

Removing the Obstacles

In the next five articles and videos of this series, we are going to take an in-depth look at what each of these five steps are. For now, here is a brief description of the “5 Simple Steps to Be What It Is You Seek”:

Cut Ties with People-Pleasing

People pleasing is a disempowered mindset, stuck in cycle of permission driven self-worth. Therefore, step one to having your innermost desires met is cutting ties with people-pleasing.

Embodying Your Worthiness

Shift from a disempowered mindset to cultivating an empowered mindset. This requires an embodiment of unconditional worthiness of your innermost desires.

Be Responsible for How You Feel

Achieving your desires has less to do with taking aggressive action and more to do with being responsible for how you feel. This means reclaiming your power to choose the life you desire by accepting your emotional state is 100% your responsibility.

Embrace Your Authentic Self

This is about owning your gift, which is embracing your true, authentic self. This removes any lingering doubt you are not enough to have your innermost desires fulfilled.

Play with Your Desires

To play with your desires is to take time to imagine them being fulfilled in the outer world. This is about daydreaming your desires into reality.

These five steps are designed to help you remove obstacles on your path to fulfilling your desires after 60.

In the next article and video, we will look at step one, “Cut Ties with People Pleasing.”

In the meantime, join me in the video where I will share additional insights on these steps along with three journal prompts and an inspiring action item to help you integrate what you are learning.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

Do you dream about becoming someone better/wiser/stronger? What is stopping you from achieving this dream? Do you think you are ready to embark on this journey?

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