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Heartache Hacks to Help You Get Over a Breakup So You Can Start Dating Again

By Michele Burghardt May 15, 2024 Dating

It doesn’t matter if you dated someone for a month, a year, or a lifetime; if you care for someone with whom you can’t stay for whatever reason, the breakup will hurt. And because you’re in your next chapter of life, you don’t want to waste precious time feeling sad or depressed.

You can start dating any time, but you’ll only date successfully when your heart and head are ready. Dating too early may result in you being unable to recognize love when it shows up.

So, here’s 10 heartache hacks to help you get past a breakup faster and easier:

Let Yourself Grieve

Heartbreak is a natural response to the end of a relationship, regardless of your age. It’s essential to give yourself permission to feel and process your emotions all the way. Let yourself cry. And cry until your tears dry up, regardless of what people say. Only you know when you’ve released all your sadness, anger, or disappointment.

Reach Out for Support

Your friends are great at the beginning, but if they get tired of listening to you, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional. Make sure the people you surround yourself with are happy and positive. You don’t need any more reasons to feel sad.

Put Yourself First

Make an effort to focus on you 100%. Do things that bring you joy and make you smile, even if it’s simply taking a cozy nap. Prioritize your self-care to help build your confidence and sense of self-worth.

Reflect and Learn

This is the time to reflect on who you are and what type of man you’re truly looking for. It’s an exciting time for personal growth because everything you learn can be brought forward into your next connection. Make sure you have a clear understanding of your needs, desires, and boundaries. And never compromise on things that are truly important to you.

Find Your Passions

Look for things that interest and excite you. It could be a new interest, an old hobby, a heartfelt volunteer opportunity, etc. Regardless of what it is, investing in yourself will help you regain a sense of purpose independent of a relationship. You’ll feel stronger and more confident as you begin your own personal adventure.

Practice Gratitude

Recognize how many blessings you have in your life, even amidst your breakup. There is always something to be grateful for. Try to find three things every day you feel grateful for, big and small. As you begin to focus on gratitude, you shift your thinking from what you don’t have in your life to what you do have.

Be Open-Minded

As you begin to think about dating again, be open-minded. Be willing to step outside your comfort zone and consider meeting new people from diverse backgrounds or who have different life experiences. You never know who might prove to be a meaningful connection.

Set Healthy Boundaries and Write Them Down

As you again embark on your dating journey, don’t settle for anything less than you deserve, and don’t be afraid to walk away from someone who doesn’t align with your values or life goals. The deeper you know yourself and who you’re looking for, the easier it is to find him.

Take Things Slowly

There’s no rush to find love again, so give yourself the time and space to heal fully before pursuing a new romantic connection. Be patient and trust that the right person will come into your life when the time is right.

Let Yourself Believe in Love Again

Take some time to look for happy couples in your life. It will help you believe that love is possible for you, just like it is for them. It will help you keep the past in the past and open your heart to new people and situations.

Navigating heartache over 60 can be a challenging and a transformative journey. By allowing yourself to grieve and heal at your own pace you’ll find that you can trust yourself to make good decisions in the future. Your patience will help you open your heart to the possibility of finding love again and move forward in the most positive and successful way possible.

If you’ve created a beautiful life for yourself, and now you want to find someone special to share it with but don’t know how to do that, grab a copy of my book, The Perfect Dating Guide for Women over 50. It’s a beautiful place to start learning how to date with more clarity and confidence.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

Do you feel heartache when a relationship ends? Does it matter how long the relationship lasted or how it ended? How do you get over heartache when a relationship ends so you can start dating again?

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I’ve been in a relationship for a little over 15 months. Even though he is very nice and we get along well, know he is not the right person for me. I would like to end the relationship gently. He is more into me than I am into him. He has done nothing wrong – it just isn’t a good fit long term. We do not live together but have had a one on one relationship – with no other people involved. Suggestions?


This is such a clear and well written article. I will keep it tucked away.

Michele Burghardt

Hi Ava, thanks for reading. Here’s hoping you’ll never need these hacks! I’m sending you my best. Michele


Good advice

Michele Burghardt

Thanks JLS! Hope you will never need these! Best of luck! Michele


I like your Newsletter My husdand of 48 years of marriage step out with no excuse it hurts also before Mothers Day

The Author

Michele Burghardt is an author, speaker, and dating coach for women 50 and over with 20 + years of experience in the self-help area. She believes loving yourself is the first step to finding love. You can learn more about her transformational coaching style and her book at

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