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Are You Retired and Need/Want to Go Back to Work? Advice from a Career Coach!

By Deborah Voll April 07, 2024 Lifestyle

In addition to coaching mid-career women who want to change things up or the stay-at-home moms who are going back to the workplace, I’ve had a new kind of wonderful client come to see me. This is the retired woman who wants to go back into the workplace.

So, whether you need to create extra income, or you want to jump back into the workplace because you’re bored or want new challenges… you’ve come to the right place.

Some retired women want to start a business, others want to go back into the workplace but in an entirely new field. Others want a pleasant or fun job to generate some extra money for vacations or special projects. Some women want to go back full time, and others prefer part-time hours or seasonal opportunities.

Our Coaching Session Is in Session!

Everything has changed. The workplace has changed. How to look for a job has changed. Wages and benefits have changed. How to negotiate has changed. Most important: you have changed! But don’t let this daunt you. I want to share some of the changes and challenges in the current scene and help you navigate your way to the fulfillment and joy you deserve.

Your New Resume

Yes, you still need a resume… but not the paper kind! (More on that later.) The two most common pitfalls for job hunting older workers are the awful phrase, “you seem overqualified” and the fear of appearing like a “dinosaur in a modern tech world.”

There are no rules anymore about a “proper” resume. Rather, there are many ways to write a resume. I work with my clients to write a vibrant, relevant resume that is as much about updating yourself, as it is about editing: what to add and what to leave out. Yes, knowing what to leave out is as important as what to put in.

Many women tend to underestimate their skills and experience, so we definitely bump that up. The use of specific words and phrases can make you stand out. Even how you arrange your skills and experience on the page can make your qualifications far more interesting than your age.

Meet Your New Headhunter: Social Media

In the past, you may have printed up some resumes. Looked in the newspaper. Made phone calls and networked to find a job.

Today, you use your computer to find a job. Just think, the entire world is at your disposal on the internet. And you don’t even have to leave your house! There are many job hunting websites, some specific for industries, and the use of social media, such as FB and Twitter, even works. All is fair game in job hunting.

The two major websites you should definitely be active on are LinkedIn and Indeed. The first thing you need to do after you’ve polished your resume is to set up a powerful profile on LinkedIn.

There’s a skill in setting up your profile in the most desirable and valuable way to catch the eye of recruiters and employers. Your profile has to differentiate you from other candidates. Also, the right photograph, properly styled with wardrobe and makeup, is super important.

The Brave New World of Job Interviews

Interviews these days are rarely on-site or in person. Often, the first extended contact is a regular phone call, off-camera. Next is the Zoom or Skype interview. Then, you might advance to an in-person interview, either alone or in a group. Yes, that’s a thing these days.

You also might be interviewed by one person or several people. There are strategies and practical tips for getting through all these situations with flying colors.

But first, let’s start with the tech issues of your Zoom interview. Do you have a stable internet connection? Do you have a good setup with good lighting and good background? You want to appear professional and in control, so you don’t want to be fiddling in your kitchen with bad overhead lighting. Wardrobe and makeup play a big role here too.

The New You

This is about learning not just how to sell yourself again, but to sell yourself ANEW. Let’s work on updating your interviewing skills. Maybe you’re out of practice. Maybe you feel self-conscious, nervous, insecure, intimidated.

Do practice interviews with a friend or a coach. These will help you adjust and polish your interview technique and put you at ease. It’s important to learn about body language, eye contact, and gestures to foster your confidence which is a win-win situation for you.

You Can Do This!

I hope this has been helpful to you and maybe inspired you to move forward if you were a little hesitant. Job hunting is not easy, but I really love empowering women and helping them follow their dreams. If you’d like to, you can sign up for a free one-hour session with me, and we’ll explore what you want from life, and where you’re going.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

Are you thinking of going back to work? What are your fears or trepidations? What has been your experience of job hunting online? Can you tell us any anecdotes, and triumphs to inspire us? Would you ever consider consulting a career coach? Do share with us below because we are all ears!

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Lynne Stevens

A simple solution is live-in pet sitting, especially if you like to travel. Lots of foster cats and dogs who get to stay at home and have your company, no worries about leaving one of your own behind, and basically easy. And added bonus is getting familiar with new parts of town.


I have previously done dog and horse sitting. I’m curious as to how you set your rates..


I have gone back to work at 62 now 64. I suggest older women look at senior Living Communities. They like older employees. I’ve had two positions as Receptionist/Concierge. Started Part-time and went into full-time. Very rewarding helping Seniors. Other positions are Activities, cooks, servers, Caregivers, Housekeeping.

The Author

Deborah Voll is a Professional Life & Career Coach who knows from her own experience that “it’s never too late to have the life you want.” Deborah helps you break through the barriers so you can reach your goals. Reach out for a clarity call or check out her Passion and Purpose Workbook.

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