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Goldie Hawn Reflects on Life at 73

By Sixty and Me November 26, 2018 News

Goldie Hawn, 73, seemingly has it all – a successful acting career spanning five decades, a loving family including three children, six grandchildren, and a 35-year relationship with partner, Kurt Russell, and a meaningful foundation that she created to help children deal with stress and find happiness.

Not to mention the fact that she looks absolutely phenomenal while juggling this very full life that she has built for herself.

So, how does she do it?

Goldie Gets Real

After recently sitting down with The Times, Hawn shared her thoughts on family, fame, and staying fit.

She shared some insight that was given to her by her father at a young age and helped guide her throughout her life and her journey to stardom, “He [her Presbyterian father] said expectation is greater than realization, so I never looked at unrealistic ideas. So, for me to be a movie star was completely insane. But to do three pirouettes and not fall, and jumps and leaps and dance as well as I could? That meant something to me.”

Hawn’s reference to pirouettes has to do with her long-time love of dance, something that she always wanted to make a career out of, saying, “I never wanted to be a screwed-up alcoholic movie star, because that’s what all the magazines told you about. I just wanted to dance.”

And while Hawn may not have built her career on her love of dance, she did manage to rise to fame without suffering the stereotypical “alcoholic movie star” fate that so many others did. In fact, Hawn has managed to avoid a lot of Hollywood stereotypes throughout her life, one in particular being tabloid-worthy marriage drama.

Perhaps it’s because Hawn and longtime partner, Kurt Russell, never actually tied the knot, opting instead for a more nonformal commitment – a commitment that is still going strong today. Even after so many years together, Hawn still talks lovingly about being parents and partners with Russell, saying, “…I think that Kurt and I are really good parents. He’s a good person: a fun, good person…We come together and appreciate all the moments we are together. We love our family, it matters that we are a unit. We are happy in our world. Happiness is the goal.”

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Although the Hollywood golden couple has appeared in countless films together, to this day, one of the most heartwarming moments captured on film of two together occurred when they presented at the 1989 Oscars, where they casually joked about their decision not to wed.


In addition to a successful career and successful relationship, one of the greatest joys of Hawn’s life is being a mother and grandmother, saying, “When I first became a mother, it was the greatest moment of my life. All my children were. When you are seeing that baby being born and taking his or her first breath — oh! My firstborn, Oliver, they put him by my face and I kissed him and the first thing I said was, ‘I waited so long for you.’”

Hawn’s genuine love for children is likely what inspired the MindUP program, created by the Goldie Hawn Foundation, which designs curriculum for schools to better help children deal with stress and anxiety in healthy ways, making happiness the ultimate goal.

“They [children] should be everything to everyone. They are our greatest resource. That’s who we’re nurturing to take over the next period of the world,” says Hawn.

With a busy career, a flourishing foundation, and a beautiful family, one might wonder how in the world Hawn finds time to stay so fit – and her answer is actually pretty simple!

Hawn says, “I don’t have a personal trainer, but I do work out. I cycle, I do it all.”

And though we all know how important exercise is for not only looking good, but for overall health, we’re guessing that the joy and happiness that Hawn derives from her work, her philanthropic endeavors, and her family play a big part in that beautiful glow she always seems to give off, proving that happiness truly is the most attractive quality of all!

Are you a fan of Goldie Hawn? What brings you the most joy in your life? Share your thoughts and join the conversation below!

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