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Happy 69th Birthday Sally Field – We Love Your Versatility and Your Values

By Margaret Manning November 06, 2015 Lifestyle

Sally Field is 69 today, November 6, 2015 and I wanted to share a few facts about this amazing woman that you may not already know. Let’s take a few minutes to celebrate her life so far. Then, let’s all wish her a very happy birthday in the comments section at the end of this article.

Sally began her acting career in 1965, in the role of a character called Gidget. It must not have been very popular, because it was cancelled after just one year. All the same, I loved it and watched all of her adventures on my family’s small black and white TV. The show was based on a book series called “Gidget, the Girl with Big Ideas.” I could totally relate!

Sally Field was also a girl with big ideas. As her career developed, she was determined to break away from the stereotypical roles that she was offered when she was younger.

As Gidget, her salary was $500 a week, a large sum in those days, but, nothing compared to what she would earn as an established actress. Eventually, she became known as one of the most talented actresses in the world. She also earned a reputation as someone who wasn’t afraid to take on challenging, dramatic roles.

In fact, it was with a dramatic role that she earned her first Academy Award, in 1979. In Norma Rae, she played the part of a gutsy, determined mill worker, who tries to unionize her workplace.

She also played the romantic lead in the action comedy Smokey and the Bandit, starring Burt Reynolds. The film was a huge success and Sally ended up building a strong friendship with Burt.

Later, she showed her real versatility in one of my favorite movies, “Forest Gump”. She was only ten years older than Tom Hanks, but she played his mother throughout the film. What did you think of her performances?

Sally Field gallery

Sally has three sons, including one that she had at age 41. One of her sons is openly gay and Sally has become a strong advocate for gay rights.

Her life has not been without challenges. In 2005, Sally Field was diagnosed with osteoporosis, a loss of bone-density, something that many women in the Sixty and Me community are facing. She has become a spokesperson for the company behind Boniva, a medication to help lessen the suffering of this disease.

Sally Field appears to be a woman of strong conviction and I hope that she has a wonderful birthday. Thanks for inspiring us Sally! Happy 69th birthday!

Did you watch Gidget on television in the mid-sixties? What other movie starring Sally Field have you enjoyed? Please join the conversation.

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