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Happy New Year! This Year, Let’s Embrace our Natural Beauty After 60 (Video)

By Margaret Manning January 01, 2015 Beauty

For many women, including myself, New Year’s always seems to be a time of “giving things up.” Maybe you’re promising yourself to watch a little less cheesecake this year – or watch a little less TV. These are both noble goals, but, this year I want to propose that we all say “yes” to something.

I want every woman in the Sixty and Me community to embrace their natural beauty after 60 and see this as a year for getting out into the world and showing everyone (including ourselves) how comfortable we can be in our skin.

Part of embracing our own natural beauty is saying no to all of the “anti-aging” messages that bombard us on a daily basis. As those of you who have watched my makeup for women over 60 video series will know, my friend, Ariane Poole is a big proponent of the “positive aging” approach.

So, as the Near Year approaches, I sat down with Ariane to get her thoughts on how we can embrace our natural beauty. Enjoy the show!

During our interview, Ariane explains that, in 30 years of working with women of all ages, she has never found a single person without at least one (and usually many) positive features. Perhaps you have eyes that sparkle. Or, maybe you love the color or your skin. Ariane reminds us that there is always something to feel good about!

In this interview, Ariane and I discuss how embracing our natural beauty after 60 requires us to accept ourselves with kindness and to ignore our perceived flaws.

Instead of focusing on what you don’t like about your face or body, Ariane recommends focusing on your best features. After all, no one is really paying attention to your flaws anyway. They are far too busy worrying about their own!

For the New Year, Ariane suggests that we embrace a holistic, healthy lifestyle. She reminds us that anti-aging pills and potions are just smoke and mirrors. The only way to truly look and feel great at any age is to embrace exercise, nutrition, skincare and natural supplements. It may sounds strange to hear this coming from a professional makeup artist, but, Ariane reminds us that makeup is just one small component of bringing out our inner glow.

So, this year, let’s fill our minds with positive self-talk and our lives with exercise and other healthy lifestyle choices. If you want to get this year off to a great start, this video is for you!

Join Ariane and me as we discuss these makeup for older women topics:

  • A surprising reason to use sugar instead of a salt scrub
  • What natural product can be used for hair, skin and cooking
  • A powerful new way to use coffee grounds
  • How choosing a new nail polish can completely transform your look this year
  • The importance of positivity to bringing out your inner beauty
  • One life-changing New Year’s resolution that you can say YES to
  • 5 natural beauty tips that have nothing to do with makeup

I hope that you enjoy the show! Please help us to spread the word by liking, sharing and commenting on this video.

If you have decided to make your New Year’s resolution one of positivity, focused on embracing your natural beauty, please leave your ideas in the comments below.


Ariane Poole Cosmetics

Makeup for Older Women Video Series

Please check out our fabulous makeup video series that I filmed together with Ariane Poole specifically for us, older women. It’s not about anti-aging. It’s about positive aging. It’s about looking and feeling great at any age.

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