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Helen Mirren Ditches Her Limo, Takes the Bus to Movie Premier

By Sixty and Me February 16, 2018 News

There are many reasons that we love Helen Mirren. She is an amazing actress, with 26 major awards to her name, including one Oscar. She is a champion for women’s rights and an outspoken critic of sexism and ageism. And, as today’s story demonstrates, despite her continued success as an actress, she is a down-to-earth lady who can even make riding the bus look fabulous!

Helen Mirren Arrived at the Premier for Winchester in Style

As you may know, Helen Mirren’s new film, Winchester, just released this month. It is a horror story about a peculiar heiress, Sarah Winchester, who thinks that she is being haunted by the victims of her family’s weapons.

Take a quick look at the trailer and then I’ll share a picture of Helen showing up at the premier in style… well, stylish in spirit, in any case!


Given the importance of any movie premier, you would expect Helen Mirren to show up in a limousine or perhaps a chauffeured Mercedes Maybach. After all, with all the camera’s flashing, who wouldn’t want to look their best?

Mirren Can Make Riding the Bus Look Fabulous!

Well, apparently, Helen Mirren is one of those women who knows that style and class come from within. Instead of showing up in a car that costs more than most people’s houses, she rode a public bus to the premier.

Now, admittedly, the bus wasn’t full. It wasn’t like she had to fight for a handrail. But, she still made an effort… and that’s the main thing!

Here’s a quick snap that Helen asked someone to take to commemorate her bus ride. Personally, I just love the juxtaposition of the functional bus and Mirren’s gorgeous red evening gown! Don’t you?

A post shared by @helenmirren on

Winchester hit movie theaters across the United States on February 2nd. Despite the fact that reviewers have not been kind to the film, we are sure that Helen Mirren’s performance will save the day. It always does!

Helen Mirren Has Been in the News a Lot Lately

Despite being in her 70s, Helen Mirren continues to show the world that age is just a number. In addition to appearing in 4 films in 2018, Mirren made news last week when she took off her clothes to support a cancer charity.

Helen is a brave, intelligent and supremely talented person and we are lucky to have her representing our generation. Let’s let her know what we think of her.

What would you do if you saw Helen Mirren sitting on the bus in front of you? Are you a Helen Mirren fan? Are you going to go see Winchester? Let’s have a chat!

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