I’m not a big fan of celebrity watching. Whenever I happen to be sitting across from someone famous at a restaurant, I pretend not to notice.

After all, they deserve their privacy. All that said, I was still happy when I saw this picture of Helen Mirren riding the subway.

Helen Miren Instagram

No, I wasn’t excited to see her latest outfit – although I actually love those purple gloves! I was more interested in the context of her trip. For starters, let’s consider the fact that she is on the subway at all. As one of the most successful actresses of all time, she can afford to travel in style. For all I know, she rides in a limo every other day, but, it was nice to see her setting a good example.

Perhaps more important is the way that she conducted herself. You might imagine someone of her popularity to demand more space than the average passenger. Not Helen Mirren! She has her bag on her lap, giving plenty of room to her fellow passengers. I get the feeling that if someone needed help, she would be among the first to lend a hand!

Helen Mirren is charming, classy and entertaining. She is one of those rare people who can get away will telling the truth and she isn’t scared to share her thoughts on issues that impact older adults, including discrimination. Now, we have one more reason to love her – she’s just a good person!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Are you a Helen Mirren fan? Which of her movies is your favorite? Do you agree that, in a world filled with loud stars, it’s nice to see an actress who knows how to be classy? Please join the conversation.

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