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Helen Mirren Says No to Airbrushing in Latest L’Oreal Ads

By Margaret Manning July 08, 2016 Lifestyle

There are so many things that I admire about Helen Mirren. Not only is she a fantastically talented actress, but, she is also a powerful ambassador for women over 60.

In interviews, she comes across as human, approachable and funny. She also embraces fashion and makeup without providing ammunition for the “anti-aging” camp. She really is amazing!

Of course, as an A-list celebrity, Helen Mirren has access to the best beauty treatments and fitness options that money can buy. But, she never seems over-the-top. She is classy, without being pretentious.

Helen Mirren Says No to Airbrushing in Latest Ads

As an older female celebrity, Helen Mirren, no doubt, faces a great deal of pressure to maintain a youthful image. Her latest interview, in the August edition of Woman & Home magazine, shows that she isn’t willing to give in to this kind of pressure.

Specifically, she asked L’Oreal not to airbrush her pictures. She wanted the images to represent the true her, not someone else’s false ideal.

Speaking more broadly about becoming the face of L’Oreal, she said, “All my life I’ve been looking at 16-year-old girls selling beauty, so I think it’s fabulous that they’re using a 70-year-old woman to sell products to other 60- to 80-year-old women.”

Isn’t it Time More Celebrities Talked About Positive Aging?

I don’t know about you, but, it makes me so happy to hear when people like Helen Mirren publically support positive aging. She is a shining example that you can have fun with makeup and enjoy being stylish, without compromising who you are or buying into “anti-aging” promises.

Thank you Helen for setting such a wonderful example for women our age. You are amazing!


What do you think about Helen Mirren’s decision to say no to airbrushing in her latest L’Oreal ads? Does her decision to avoid airbrushing make you more or less likely to try the products that she is advertising? Which other older female celebrities do you love? Please join the conversation!

Photo credit: L’Oreal Paris U.K

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Robin Aston

I am 73 and I totally agree with this article!


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