If there is one thing that the women in our community value, it’s their privacy. Unfortunately, when you are caring for an aging parent, your privacy is one of the first things to go. Of course, you understand all of the reasons that you are stepping up and lending a helping hand – but, that doesn’t make it any easier.

Like so many things in life, many of us don’t realize how important our privacy is, until it is taken away.

Sometimes it’s the big things that bother us, like disagreements over money or health decisions. Other times, we simply want to sit down and watch the TV without fighting over which channel to watch. This last issue may seem trivial, but, as many of us have found out the hard way, “trivial” things add up.

Since so many women in our community are caring for an aging parent, I’d love to get your perspective on this.

What do you do to find privacy as a caregiver? Have you made adjustments to the setup in your home so that everyone has their own personal space? Have you established other household rules, such as when it is ok for each person to watch the TV? What other tips do you have?

Are you caring for an aging parent? What steps have you taken to make sure that everyone in your house gets the privacy that they need? Please join the conversation.

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