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How to Choose Makeup for Older Women: What to Ask at the Makeup Counter (Video)

There are so many new products and formulations that it is sometimes difficult to make a decision on the best makeup for older woman. In fact, the retail consultants are often overwhelmed by the choices themselves!

So, to help you have a good experience at the makeup counter, Ariane and I discussed the best way to prepare. Enjoy the show!

When Choosing Makeup for Older Women, Do Your Research and Be Prepared

The first advice Ariane gave is to do some research first. It is difficult for the beauty consultant to help you if you don’t have a clear idea of what you are looking for.

Fortunately, a lot of shops do allow us to try makeup, so, you can experiment with colors and learn about your skin tone first. Knowing the areas of your face that you want to work with will help you to prioritize your questions.

Understand Foundations and Concealers

If foundation is important, allocate the majority of your budget (and questions) to primer, foundation and concealer. Ask about new formulations and describe how you feel about makeup in general. Know your skin type and the level of coverage and heaviness you want. If you have heard about new foundations like BB Cream or CC Cream but don’t know what they are – ask!

Know Your Eyes, Lips and Tips

If you want to enhance your eyes, research the different kinds of mascaras, liners, highlighters and cream eye shadows. Guide the sales consultant a bit and don’t just depend on asking them what they feel would be good for you.

Ariane suggested that you consider taking pictures into the store so that the consultant can understand your style and preferences.

Don’t forget the principles we discussed in our exclusive beauty makeover series. For example, Ariane reminded us to choose thick, not lengthening, eyelash formulas. She also encouraged us to learn bronzer and concealer techniques and apply highlighter in just the right places.

Finally, with lips, remember that you need to look at the shade of your lips and be aware that colours change, when applied. If possible, always try before you buy. The bottom line is to be informed, and ask lots of questions at the makeup counter!

Look for Experience

If possible, look for an older consultant, who might be less into the latest makeup “trends” that young women are more familiar with. Don’t forget they younger consultants are applying makeup themselves to look older, so, they may not understand your skin’s unique needs. This sounds like simple advice, but, it is one of the most important things to remember when choosing makeup for older women.

Ariane also suggested that you go into the shop wearing your normal makeup so that the consultant can gauge you comfort level and style. Makeup can be expensive and choosing the right products is a shared responsibility. The consultant is trained to know the world of cosmetics, but, you need to bring them into your world.

Want to Take the Next Step? Check out our makeup tips video series, designed just for us older women.

Do you ever have trouble buying makeup for older women? What do you think of the makeup advice that Ariane gave in this video? Please join the conversation.

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