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How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under the Eyes and Winkles – Advice from a Professional Makeup Artist (Video)

By Margaret Manning September 11, 2015 Makeup and Fashion

We affectionately call our wrinkles “laugh lines” or even “roadmaps of our lives.” Recently, it’s become popular to say that we should just accept our wrinkles as a natural part of aging. For the most part, I agree with this perspective. I’m not ashamed of my body and I don’t feel the need to prove myself to anyone else.

At the same time, if I am honest, like most older women, I sometimes wish that my wrinkles would fade away. To be clear, I don’t want to use heavy makeup to cover them. But, I would like to soften them a bit.

So, to get some advice on the topics of dark circles, wrinkles and other aging skin challenges, I turned to makeup expert, Ariane Poole. In our latest video, she offers some practical advice for getting the most from your makeup as you get a little older. I hope that you enjoy the show!

Get Rid of Dark Circles and Wrinkles the Gentle Way

During our conversation, Ariane explains that dark circles are often hereditary. They can also be exaggerated by stress or liver problems. If you think that there may be physical causes for your dark circles, don’t hesitate to contact your doctor. He or she may be able to give you some supplements to help you get everything back in balance.

Once you have ruled our physical causes, there are also some fantastic makeup solutions for dark circles. In addition to highlighters and concealers, which Ariane demonstrates in the video, there are also a few modern options. For example, Ariane mentions an innovative product called the Derma Roller System, which uses tiny pins to massage and stimulate your tired or sluggish skin. She also mentions a smaller jade roller that she uses to relax and soften her own facial lines and wrinkles.

In the video, Ariane discusses a secret office supply product that you can use to address the wrinkles on your forehead. Watch the video to find out what it is! The answer will definitely surprise you!

Can Yoga Improve the Quality of Your Skin After 60?

Recently, several women in the community have told me that they use yoga headstands and other inverted exercises to improve their skin tone. The idea is that these exercises improve blood flow and rejuvenate your skin. I was a tad skeptical, so, I decided to ask Ariane for her opinion on this. Tune in to the video to hear Ariane’s surprising response!

Remember, Confidence is Attractive

While we focused mostly on specific techniques for addressing dark circles and wrinkles, Ariane reminds us that a healthy lifestyle and confident personality are the real keys to beauty after 60. So, by all means, use makeup if you enjoy it. But, don’t feel like you need to prove anything to anyone else! Let’s enjoy fashion and makeup, but, let’s also celebrate our radiant, authentic selves.

Don’t forget to check out the complete series of videos that Ariane and I produced on the topic of makeup for older women.

Also, if you are interested in finding any of the Ariane Poole products mentioned in this video, you can find them on her website.

Do you wish that you could soften your wrinkles a bit? Or, are you completely comfortable with your aging skin and don’t feel the need for makeup anymore? Why? Do you have any questions for Ariane? Please join the conversation.

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