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How to Give Your Aging Feet the Pampering and Love They Deserve

By Penelope Jane Whiteley February 03, 2017 Beauty

If you’re anything like me, fashion has been unkind to your feet over the years.

From pointed-toe stilettoes, to the towering heels and platforms of the seventies. Or the little ankle boots and high heel sneakers of the 80s. Who can forget the incredibly thick heels of the 90s moving back to the towering heels and platforms!

Why do we condemn ourselves to lumps, bumps, bunions, arthritis and pain?! Do most women have a shoe fetish? And the biggest question is whether the design of our feet is genetic? Looking at my own family and all my friends and their families, the answer is a resounding yes.

Having damaged our feet and assured that 40 years of wearing heels was nothing more than an exercise in masochism, we are frequently reduced to wearing what we used to call sensible shoes.

So, for those of us who will never see our 50s or 60s again, but still like to wear outrageous shoes when we can, I have decided to provide tips to help you put your best foot forward.

Wear Properly Fitted, Supportive Shoes on Your Beautiful Aging Feet

These shoes don’t have to look sensible. This really means a comfortable court shoe or pump, with a well-fitting heel and an almond shaped toe. Try one of the triangular shaped heels that you can buy now. They are on-trend and stable enough to provide great support.

Make sure the shoe has a firm non-slip sole and a soft upper. If the sole isn’t firm enough, use a foam insert or, if the shoe is large enough, a sheepskin insert. They are incredibly soft and comfortable. And a nice soft leather upper will let your feet move inside the shoe. Nothing beats leather!


Walking is great for your feet, your legs, your back, your circulation and your cardio-vascular health. It will even help if you’re redistributing your weight back to whence it came!

But, Don’t Walk around in Bare Feet

Not even at home; it causes your feet to spread, which will make it painful to wear fitted shoes and boots.


Do not wear socks, knee-high stockings or garters that are too tight. They’re bad for your circulation and they look awful.

Get Professional Care for Your Aging Feet

Get professional care for your feet. This becomes more important as we age and is especially so if you are a diabetic or face challenges to your cardio-vascular system such as cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Do not cut corns yourself. This is a job for a professional. Find yourself a good podiatrist or chiropodist; one who causes little to no pain is good. Do not shave calluses. Go to a chiropodist or podiatrist and have it done the pain-free way.

What You Can Do for Your Aging Feet

If you want soft, sexy feet, wear foot balm every night; preferably with socks to allow it to soften calluses and feed your nails.

Cut your toenails straight and file using downward strokes. This is important because there are so many old wives’ tales about in-grown toe nails.

And don’t forget to get a pedicure and have your toe nails painted, in summer and even in the winter. Your feet will thank you for looking after them and they will look wonderful in sandals or even just in the shower, which will help you feel good about yourself whenever you see them peeping at you.

How often do you have a pedicure, or do you do it yourself? Do you wear sensible shoes all the time? How “into” shoes were you in earlier decades? Do you have some pairs of shoes you can’t bear to throw away? Please share in the comments below and add your own tips for putting your best foot forward.

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The Author

Penelope Jane Whiteley is the self-appointed Queen of Aging Disgracefully. A writer, international speaker, clothes designer, stylist and traveller, she helps other women to live their lives on their own terms. Her courses include “Lose 10 pounds in 10 minutes,” “The Reboot,” “Just Write the Damn Book.” Find her on, Twitter, and Facebook.

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