Good Morning! Let's Start a Conversation!

I am always so amazed by all of the wonderful things that the women in our community are getting up to. You are writing, exploring, exercising, starting companies, supporting your families and improving yourselves. You inspire me every day!

Today, I want to share an article from one of our guest bloggers, Kari Henley, on the topic of getting the most from life after 60. I think that you will find it fascinating!

Come join us for a cup of tea (or coffee) and a chat. And, if you enjoy the show, please tell one friend about us today. Your support means so much to me!

How are your growing and exploring in your 60s or better? What are your favorite hobbies? Please join the conversation and tell one other woman about Sixty and Me today. The more the merrier!

Let's Have a Conversation!