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Jane Seymour Appears in Tasteful Playboy Shoot, Shatters Aging Stereotypes

By Sixty and Me February 22, 2018 News

Ok, I’ve only written the title for this article and I’ve already said two things that I never thought I would say: “Tasteful Playboy shoot” and “Jane Seymour (67) appears in Playboy.”

Now, normally, I wouldn’t consider a Playboy story to be relevant for our community, but, there are a couple of reasons that I wanted to share this with you now.

First, I have a ton of respect for Jane Seymour as an actress and I know that many of you love her too!

Second, I see her decision to appear in Playboy as a fantastic example of a woman making a conscious decision to shatter aging stereotypes.

Finally, I respect her decision to speak out about her own experience with sexual assault. I am not one of those people who believes that things should be left in the past or swept under the rug. If her story helps more women to deal with their own difficult situations, then it was worth it.

This is the Third Time Jane Seymour Has Appeared in Playboy

This is the third time that Jane Seymour has appeared in Playboy and, in my opinion, it is her most tasteful shoot yet – or, at the very least, it’s the one that showed the least skin. Take a look and you’ll see what I mean.

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In Far-Reaching Interview, Jane Discusses Sexual Assault, Aging and So Much More!

In her interview with Playboy, Seymour discusses her assault at the hands of a producer, in 1972. After assaulting her, the producer threatened her with serious consequences if she told anyone her story. According to Seymour, “He put me in a car and said, ‘If anyone knows you ever came here, if you ever tell anyone, ever, I’ll guarantee you never work again anywhere on the planet.’”

She also talked about her life as an older woman and how it is completely different than what most aging stereotypes would suggest. She said, “I feel much sexier now than I ever did when I was younger… There’s an enormous freedom in having lived as long as I have. Like my father used to say, ‘I’m comfortable in my own skin’.”

I don’t know if all of us feel more sexual (or even sensual) in our 60s. But, I do know that love, sensuality, sexuality, passion and companionship become more nuanced as we age. They definitely don’t disappear!

As such, I am happy to see Jane Seymour shattering aging stereotypes – especially since Playboy has traditionally had a younger audience. They deserve to grow up without a fear of the aging process. After all, aging is not something to be feared… it is something to be embraced!

At age 67, Seymour is now officially the oldest woman to appear in a Playboy shoot. You can read her entire Playboy interview here (again, not something I ever thought I would say!) The pictures are tasteful, but, it is still probably best not to open the article at work!

What do you think of Jane Seymour’s decision to appear in a Playboy shoot at age 67? Are you a Jane Seymour fan? Let’s have a chat!

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