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Happy 67th Birthday, Jane Seymour – We Love Your Bold, Adventurous Style!

By Margaret Manning February 14, 2018 News

I love Jane Seymour. She is bold, unconventional, adventurous and independent. Besides, anyone who would change her name to one of King Henry VIII’s wives has my admiration. Incidentally, she chose wisely, because Jane Seymour was the only of the Henry’s wives who did not lose her head!

Today, on February 15th, Seymour celebrates her 67th birthday, so, let’s all wish her a happy birthday in the comments.

Here’s why I admire Jane Seymour…

For starters, I love the fact that she is helping to challenge aging stereotypes. Ok, her bold style won’t be for everyone. But, her decision to show her bikini body on the cover of “closer” magazine at age 62 shows that she isn’t ready to accept invisibility.

In addition, Jane has always represented determination and resilience to me. She was the eldest of three daughters and was raised on the outskirts of London. She tried marriage three times, before finding true love in her 40’s. Jane appears to be a dedicated mother, but, she hasn’t given up on her own dreams.

Her adventurous spirit also shines through in her acting. From “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman,” a story about a doctor who leaves Boston in search of adventure in the American West, to her portrayal of the complex British socialite Wallis Simpson in the 1988 film “The Woman He Loved,” Seymour has never taken the easy path. One of her best-known acting roles was as a bond girl in “Live and Let Die” in 1973.

Like so many of the women in our community, Jane has decided to embrace the aging process. She still wants to look and feel her best, but, she is perfectly happy in her own aging skin.

Finally, I like the fact that Jane Seymour is a romantic. In a recent interview, Jane said, “If you can accept what’s happened and embrace the present moment, your heart will stay open.” This is her mantra.

Today, Jane celebrates her 67th birthday. Let’s send her a strong message from the Sixty and Me Community that we appreciate her talent, independent spirit and wildness. Happy 67th birthday Jane!

Are you a Jane Seymour fan? What is your favorite Jane Seymour film? What one question would you ask her if you had the opportunity? Please join the conversation and “like” and share this article to keep the discussion going.

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