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Stop Being So Serious! Let Music and Dance Lead You to Awesome Aging!

Dancing is an upper for me. If I am driving and oldies are playing, my fingers are tapping on the steering wheel. I am in sync with my bebopping shoulders. At a concert, don’t expect me to be sitting down if some great rocking tunes fill the air.

You may have experienced that same feeling yourself. It’s often in an elevator, at a store, or other places you frequent.

Feeling music move through my body is like being in the zone athletes talk about. When I attended a Diana Ross outdoor concert, I was sitting in lawn seats with my friends. When the music started, I was up on my feet in no time. I was moving and grooving.

Feeling I get when music pulses through my body is amazing. At some point there appears to be no conscious effort to move the body to dance. Have you ever felt that way?

Experience Communion and Become One with the Music

Janai dancingYou probably can relate to my experience. Do you notice when your body begins to move? Do you agree that music that touches your soul? I think that when you let yourself get lost in it, the ‘zone’ takes over and you become the music.

I experience communion – becoming one with the music. So here is my advice on how to become one with the music when you find yourself dancing – for life and passion.

Dance Like No One is Looking

Living alone for five years I want to dance when the spirit calls. So, I’ve found cheap and fun ways to truly dance like nobody’s watching. Of course, being over 60, I really don’t care if anybody is watching or not. We should not be interested in what others may think or how they might judge us.

I think our rule of thumb should be that it is fine to do anything if it is not harming you or anyone else.

Dance Your Buns Off and Others May Join In

When I turned 66, I spent my birthday afternoon and evening alone. Birthdays were times to celebrate. For me, that included dancing to a few tunes in my world. My town, Ashland, is endowed with many street musicians. Perhaps you have similar places in your town or city. It was raining on and off.

I figured dancing in the rain would feel just like being in a movie. I danced all by myself and people would pass by and often join in. One little girl stayed and danced for 20 minutes as her mother smiled and watched. Feeling my free spirit ‘go for it’ was the birthday gift I needed.

Birthday dance with little girl

Enjoy How You Feel After You Dance

Allowing yourself to dance when you get the urge is empowering. Think about the times you have heard music that riveted through your body, calling you to move in its rhythmic shadow. Letting go and dancing also actually ripples its joy to others.

Dancing is from the realm of creative expression, and an unspoken language that calls upon the spirits of joy and harmony. Consider how you feel when you dance and after you dance. When I was restricted with movement after surgery, I would raise my hands and let them dance in the air. Dancing is dancing, regardless of which parts of the body are involved.

Dancing in the Wind

Once I went on a short afternoon road trip to some mineral springs alone. After my soak I was particularly content, feeling grateful and relaxed. Some oldies were playing on the car radio. I pulled over on the country road in view of Mt. Shasta, jumped out of the car, turned up the speakers and danced in the wind. The endorphins created from the happy experience lasted the rest of the day.

Why not try this yourself?

Take time to spontaneously dance when the spirit moves you. It can slide you easily into joy and happiness. It is addicting! Sometime dancing on Nature’s stage is just wonderful! Dancing can bring an event to life, like it did during a photoshoot I did for my memoir, The Grandma Boom Chronicles.

Dancing Is Food for the Soul

Dancing is a gift of the spirit. I encourage you to find new places to dance like nobody’s watching. Dance in the wind, the sun, by the stream, in the meadow, on the sidewalk, in the driveway, the kitchen, or wherever it strikes your fancy! Dancing is food for the soul.

Where do you feel free to dance? What does dancing do for you? What kind of music moves you? Do you ever dance alone? Have you ever spontaneously danced when the spirit moved you? Please share your thoughts below.

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