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Janai Mestrovich aka "Grandma Boom" is a 40-year pioneer of kids’ television programming. She is an international speaker and the author of 7 books, including a self-help memoir, endorsed by Doris Day. Janai is a retired instructor with the University of Oregon who now helps older adults to find their creativity and engage with their passions. She is a proudly outrageous grandmother. You can read more about her work at Grandma Boom

Latest Posts By Janai Mestrovich aka "Grandma Boom"

4 months ago

Is Living with Pain Stopping You from Enjoying Life After 60?

Is pain a growing fear as you age? Is it part of your identity once you pass the sixty gate? When I was ten years old, a boy swung a shovel with a rusty corner at a bee. I had just stooped down to the ground to pick something up…

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1 year ago

Groggy? Can’t Get Out of Bed? Try These Easy Wake-up Tips for Older Adults

Does a fog envelope you when you awaken in the morning, leaving you groggy and in-between the worlds of night and day? Or perhaps you feel like you are somewhere between Jekyll and Hyde?

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2 years ago

How to Spice Up Your Life After 60 with Fun Celebrations

Doing dress-ups as a child, I could visualize all kinds of gala costumes. Dresses, accessories and textures that would befit the most beautiful expressions of the wishful designs. In my imagination there were many special events…

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4 years ago

Stop Being So Serious! Let Music and Dance Lead You to Awesome Aging!

Dancing is an upper for me. If I am driving and oldies are playing, my fingers are tapping on the steering wheel. I am in sync with my bebopping shoulders. At a concert, don’t expect me to be sitting down if some great rocking tunes fill the air. Read More

4 years ago

Great Glute Exercises to Get You in Shape After Hip Replacement Surgery

My stomach hit rock bottom as the medical professional spoke with me after my total hip replacement.

He said, “When you received total hip replacement surgery, they took 40 percent of that muscle. The result is that your left buttock will not ever be as strong as it was, nor as firm as your right cheek.” Read More

8 years ago

What is a Gladlift and How Can It Make You Feel 30 Years Younger?

He is tall. 6’4”. I am short. 5’2”. As his mother, I sometimes wonder, when I look at his big feet, how he ever grew to be such a giant when he was born a preemie, 35 years ago. Read More

8 years ago

Watermelon Seeds, Kimonos and the Art of Connecting with Your Inner Child

In the 1950s, in Kansas, where I grew up, little girls always kept their legs together when sitting. They were seen and not heard. It was unthinkable to have the same privileges as boys – like not wearing shirts on blistering hot, humid summer days. Read More