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Three Key Steps to Living the Best Life You Can After 60

By Leslie Moon January 25, 2023 Mindset

So many of us on this side of 60 are trying to figure out what our next steps might be. Some might be looking to make big moves like writing a book or starting a business. Others want to retire, relax, or travel. Spend time with family. Work on our health. Volunteer.

Our options and choices are infinite and can run the gambit between subtle to huge life changes.

But, regardless of what we each decide to do based on our own situation, there are certain wishes that seem to be consistent in the women that I have worked with:

  1. We are looking for something that is fulfilling for us at this stage of life.
  2. We are looking to carve out time each day or at least each week to do something that brings us joy.
  3. We often (not always, but often) aren’t sure what this “thing” might be.

As we move forward, there are three key steps to helping us live more fully and happily. Regardless of where our own individual journey might take us.

Be Present

In spring of 2022, I underwent some stressful “life” things, the main one being that my granddaughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. I had been toying with the idea of fading out of my career largely to free up my schedule to spend more time with family, especially my grands. This diagnosis lit a fire under me and caused me to move forward quickly with that plan. By summer, I was well on my way to being faded out at work.

As this was all happening, I promised myself that as I moved forward, I was going to “be present.” I realized that for my ENTIRE LIFE since the age of six, I had not been fully present in any moment – happy or unhappy. I had always been somewhere else, worrying about something or someone, thinking about what I should be doing instead of what I was doing.

Or thinking about how much I’d rather be doing this or that other thing instead.

I have never been present. And this has robbed me of a lot of joy in my life.  

So, my first and most important key step is to encourage you to be present. Notice what is happening in the moment. Listen to the sound of your grandchildren’s laughter and love it. Notice the trees. Walk barefoot in the grass.

Be present in that moment. Experience it. The other things will be there waiting for you when you’re done and that is okay.

Carve Out YOU Time Each and Every Day

We spend so much time each day and week reacting to the needs of others. Often, this can lead to ending each day wondering where the day went.

If you have an idea of what you’d like to do moving forward, this time can be used to:

  • Carry out your next action steps as they relate to setting up your plan.
  • Work on your “thing.”
  • Engage in a community that relates to what you are doing.
  • Take a class that will help as you move forward with your plan.

If you aren’t sure what you’d like to do next, this time can be used to:

  • Reflect and journal,
  • Research possibilities,
  • Try different things out to see if something fits!

Put this time on your calendar and treat it with the same (or more) respect than you would any other important appointment. So many of us do not prioritize ourselves, and it is time to start doing so!

Create a Small New Habit or Routine

Often, creating a new habit in one area of your life can have a domino effect throughout all of the other areas. So, for those of you who aren’t quite sure what you want to do next, a small habit change is a great place to start.

Or, you may be very happy exactly where you are. You see your family the perfect amount of time. You are happily retired or happily working. You like how much you travel. If you’re caregiving, that routine is in a good place. But, you’d like to start walking each day. Or waking up when the alarm goes off. Or journaling.

I am working on the new habit of walking. My goal is to walk at least a mile each day and two miles several times a week. Some weeks I’ve met the goal and others I haven’t, but I am walking at minimum four times per week every week.

What I notice is that on the days that I walk I feel better, sleep better, and eat healthier. All things that contribute to my good health. Also, while I’m walking, I listen to an audio book or podcast. I enjoy the scenery around me and often come up with good content ideas for my community of women.

Starting that small habit has affected every area of my life. For those of us in this community who are experiencing barriers either external or internal, starting with a small habit change can be very beneficial.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

What does your ideal day and week look like as you move forward? What steps can you start to take towards that in terms of carving out time each day for YOU? What small habit changes might domino for you into other areas of your life?

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Lisa Bojazi

I started photography. I joined a photography club in my 55+ development. I entered a photo contest and came in 1st place.


I live alone and am moving which is earth shattering since I’ve lived here 26 years…carving out time wasn’t a problem…it’s learning to ‘let go’..not only of stuff but of accepting ‘what’s next’..


I went back to school for Creative Writing and I’m on my sixth novel. An Angel for Amanda, Jason’s Journey, Emma’s Secret book 1, 2 and 3, The Princess and the Harley. Coming soon Finding Hope and Saving Grace.

The Author

Leslie is the founder of Life Balance After 50 where she uses her background in counseling and behavior analysis to help women navigate their goals and dreams after 50. She created a free mini workbook along with a guide and a full-length workbook for women who are looking to redefine and find joy and purpose in their second half of life. Contact Leslie at

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